Wood Accent Wall Ideas

If you are skeptical about painting or using wallpaper for the interior of your tiny home, why not opt for the creativity and natural uniqueness of having a wooden accent wall? Accent walls are a wonderful way to add visual dimension to your living space as well as enhancing style in your tiny home especially if you opt for a wood accent wall design.

A wooden accent wall in your tiny home creates a richness of texture and depth and is also very easy to install. Whether you are looking for one with rugged edges or symmetrical lines there are a variety of wooden options to choose from. Even darkly stained russets and mahoganies is a good style for your tiny living room. Polished or pallet style your wooden accent wall is an extension of your personal style.

A wooden accent wall will achieve what paints and wallpapers fail to do; that is create a setting apart from the main theme, ultimately creating a unique work of art in your tiny home interior. Flawlessly installed and providing years of fluid transformations, these wood ideas will grow with your home. Like you, the wooden accent wall will get better with time.

Here’s how wooden accent walls can be incorporated in different rooms of your tiny home.

Wooden accent wall for your tiny living room

You can make the living room of your tiny home feel and look much cozier with a wooden accent wall. Creating a wooden accent wall for your tiny living room is easy. A good idea to use is whitewashed wooden accent wall for your Scandinavian style interior, pallet and reclaimed wood is better used for a more traditional looking interior. You can even try experimenting with patterns example diagonal or vertical lines.

Wooden accent wall for your bedroom

Bedrooms are the most popular spaces to create a wooden accent wall. The accent wall is mainly fixed on the wall that’s behind your bed’s headboard. This accentuates the bed and also gives you room to add pictures or pieces of artwork or lights to make it livelier.

Choosing a warm tone color for your accent wall in the bedroom makes it feel cozier, not forgetting pallets they can be a perfect source for your wooden accent wall.

Wooden accent wall for your tiny bathroom

Wood is a beautiful material to decorate your tiny bathroom. Using it in finishes will save it from being spoilt by humidity. Wooden bathtubs, sinks and cabinets look modern and chic in a bathroom. A warm wooden accent wall will look incredibly awesome in a clean all-white bathroom: the contrast makes up the whole space and is visually appealing. Accentuate the wall behind the bathtub to give your tiny bathroom a more dramatic effect.

Wood has always and will always remain trendy because it’s a natural material. Wood blends easily with any type of décor and warm tones look chic and adds a feel coziness that can’t be achieved with other types of décor. Wooden accent walls are a unique and welcome addition to your tiny house because it changes the whole look of your home and blends well with any type of interior décor you have.

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