Velvet Curtains For Your Living Room

Tapestry forms a huge part of home interior décor: in fact tapestry in itself can set the theme for your overall décor. Curtains and drapes come in a variety of colors, sizes and length. The color and fabric of the type of curtains you choose can either make your décor look drab or it can blend with your interior décor making it look bold and stylish. Velvet curtains are a suitable choice when you want to achieve a rich yet warm look for your tiny living room.

Velvet curtain are sophisticated, regal and stylish and they hang flawlessly. The thick rich fabric limits cold therefore keeping your living room space warm especially during the winter. If done right velvet curtains will blend with almost any interior décor to achieve any design you like.

When hanging velvet curtains, the bigger and bolder, the better. Hang the velvet curtains high to achieve height, this will give your tiny living room an optical illusion of looking bigger than it actually is. And you will want to choose curtain rods that can balance the heavy curtains.

Cleaning velvet can be tricky especially if its dark colored it shows debris easy, so be prepared to brush often with a soft bristle brush or a velvet brush. Always brush in the direction of the pile.

Here are some stylish velvet ideas you can incorporate into your tiny living room.

A touch of blue velvet

When thinking of velvet you might consider shades of blue. Blue velvet can bring a sense of tranquility and a sophisticated kind of boldness to your tiny living room.

Dark velvet

Dark velvet curtains will create a mysterious yet elegant mood in your living space. Dark colors can be warm and cozy too.

To create a more sophisticated look with shades of dark velvet, mix with different fabrics such as linen on the table. For a more dramatic look the linen fabric should be of a different color from the velvet curtains.

Dark velvet shades are also great for making a room look well planned and organized.

Light colored velvet

Going for a subtle, elegant look for your tiny living room? Then a lighter shade of velvet is your ideal choice. Pale shades are also perfect for adding more light to a room because velvet blocks out most light whether natural or man-made.

For a modern and contemporary look you can pair up your light velvet drapes with sparkling crystal elements together with some metallic pieces on the wall.

Earth tones

Earth tones such as coffee brown for your velvet curtains are great for creating a rich earthy kind of décor. To make your tiny living room look more luxurious pair the earth toned velvet curtains with leather furnishings.

Thanks to velvet being inexpensive with a vast color palette to choose from this luxurious trend is an awesome choice for your tiny living room. Whether you like it modern contemporary or traditional velvet curtains will easily blend with your personal style and décor for your tiny living room.

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