Tropical Mural Wallpaper Ideas

Decorating your tiny house may be a challenge considering the amount of space available. You shouldn’t be discouraged at all with a little creative thinking you can come up with a trendy stylish looking home.

A lot being said on simplicity and minimalism for making small spaces appear larger than they really are, there is no reason for you not to inject a little bit of your personality in the choice of wallpaper for your tiny home décor. And if you are feeling adventurous and you love wallpapers with a bit more color then the tropical style wallpaper is perfect for you.

Tropical wallpaper adds both color and summer spirit to your home. There are a variety of tropical themed wallpapers with some of them having nature themed patterns. Tropical wallpapers with leafy motifs make a home feel full of life and trendy. Some are a bit more colorful than others and you can add them to any space to change the vibe and theme of any room in your tiny home.

Let us see how we can incorporate this beautiful wallpaper into different rooms in your tiny home.

Tropical wallpaper for your tiny house living room

Transform your living room into a tropical paradise with wallpaper that’s teeming with exotic plants. Using tropical wallpaper for your tiny home living room is a great way to vibe up the room without adding unnecessary décor and clutter. You don’t have to cover the whole living room with a tropical themed wallpaper choose an accent wall to decorate.

A good example of a tropical style wallpaper to use in your tiny home living room is wallpapers with a leafy backdrop. Big green leaves are a perfect way to add a tropical touch to the interior of your living room without changing too many other aspects of the space. From giant banana leaves to smaller leaves in a repetitive fashion this type of wallpaper creates an instant visual enhancement that’s bound to be irresistible.

 You can also choose wallpaper with a white backdrop for your room to feel light and airy, despite the vibrancy of the tropical themed pattern.

Tropical wallpaper for your bedroom

For your bedroom there is a variety of tropical styled wallpapers to choose from. From jungle themed bedrooms inspired by tropical holiday retreats, to bright and colorful themes that have a life of their own, choose what suits your personal taste and the ambiance of the room.

In the bedroom it is wise to choose wallpaper with tropical leaf motifs that will completely transform your bedroom to have tropical overtones. Keep the rest of the room neutral to pop out the green color in this tropical styled wallpaper.

Tropical wallpaper for your tiny house bathroom

The tropical themed wallpaper in the bathroom might feel overwhelming if not done right. Lighting is a key ingredient to get this wallpaper to come out right. The light in the tiny bathroom will help highlight the bold wallpaper making it look stunning.

It’s not really a must that you only go for the leafy patterns to add that tropical style in your home. You can have the allure of palm trees in the backdrop or if you prefer fun and playful patterns you can opt for wallpaper in yellow with pineapple prints. Whichever style you choose you are guaranteed of a tropical paradise in your home.

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