Scandinavian Style Backyard

Scandinavian Style Tiny Backyard

Outdoor space is often overlooked when designing and it’s the area that packs the most punch. Your Scandinavian style tiny backyard is your chance to make a good impression on neighbors and guests, so sprucing it up will give your backyard space a much needed boost. The backyard gives you extra room to your tiny house. You can have seats outside for sitting and basking in the summer sun or you can use the space to entertain guests.

Scandinavian style design channels your backyard space through natural bright light and natural green plants, so your tiny house backyard is an ideal place to showcase this style. If done right you can transform your backyard into your own personal haven.

Some ideas you can use as an inspiration for your Scandinavian style tiny backyard.

Wooden furniture

When it comes to choosing materials that will be used for your backyard furniture opt for materials that play a deciding role in the tone and feel of your backyard space and can also withstand the elements. Natural materials are a feature of the Scandinavian feel. Remember, functionality and minimalism is key.

Wooden furniture is the way to go as well as choosing colors that are close to nature and also compliment your surrounding atmosphere.

 You can choose an intimate wooden chair and table which you can use when you want to sit outside enjoying the warm summer sun or when you are entertaining guests, serves as additional space to your tiny house.

Go green

Going green means having plants in your backyard. Potted plants in beautiful authentic style pots would work well for this look. Be stylish and also blend in with the overall Scandinavian style tiny backyard. You can also include colorful flowers in your tiny house backyard to have that pop of color that adds a special charm.

An important point to consider when choosing the kind of plants to put in your tiny house backyard is finding plants that thrive naturally with minimal effort. Some unruly wild flowers or native Scandinavian species can be a brave addition. As always less is more when it comes to perfecting this style.

Keep it modern

Trying to achieve the minimalist aspect of the Scandinavian style means that you don’t need to gather too many furnishings for your tiny house backyard, but it also means that you have to choose the right material to maintain the style. Scandinavian style uses natural materials with a mix of old and new to combine the modern and traditional look of this style.

You can mix these traditional materials with modern materials like brass and copper. Consider this when choosing a piece you want to put in your backyard like tables or outdoor lamps for lighting.

The point of the Scandinavian style décor is to blend form and function together while keeping the design simple and with less clutter. Think minimal and you would have perfectly captured this look.

55 Scandinavian Style Bathroom Ideas

Scandinavian Style Tiny Bathroom

Since the 1950s Scandinavian style design has slowly gained popularity as a design choice among homeowners. Scandinavian style tiny bathroom design is simplicity, functionality and minimalism. These are the key factors you need to consider when designing your tiny bathroom.

To create a stylish beautiful Scandinavian style tiny bathroom for your tiny home, blend all your bathroom accessories to achieve a unique overall look. The best thing with the Scandinavian style tiny bathroom is that you can design it to suit your personal style. You can create a unique look by incorporating different styles with the Scandinavian style but be careful not to overwhelm the simplicity and functionality of the Scandinavian style in your tiny house bathroom.

Below are some ideas to inspire you when designing your Scandinavian style tiny bathroom.

Minimalist design

Minimalist design in your tiny bathroom is the most recognizable feature in a Scandinavian style bathroom. The clean lines, simple but functional layout and smooth edge are the three things important for every minimalist bathroom design.

A simple way to achieve this look in your Scandinavian tiny bathroom is to design a white bathroom together with its fittings and fixtures. The color white will be appealing to the eye and will create a visual illusion of more space.

Calm and neutral color tones

White, cream and grey are popular colors associated with the Scandinavian design style. Incorporating these colors into your tiny house bathroom will create a calm and muted feel.

Another idea you could experiment with is to use a small splash of bold colors. An awesome way to achieve this addition of color to your tiny house bathroom is through the accessories you choose. Clever color coordinated bathroom mats and towels can make a beautiful show of your unique personal style especially in contrast to the calm and muted backdrop of a Scandinavian style bathroom

Natural light

Scandinavian styled bathrooms make the most of natural light. Winter in Scandinavia was harsh, dull and gloomy in contrast to the dark outside they created a bright inside to make the most of every last ray of sunshine.

Large windows, large mirrors and reflective surfaces will reflect off natural light making the tiny bathroom space seem big

Natural lighting in your tiny house bathroom will make the tiny bathroom space feel bigger and brighter. White walls will emphasize the available light streaming in through the windows and the minimal use of window treatments will allow natural light to illuminate the tiny bathroom space. Examples of window treatments best used on the window are curtains made of sheer fabric.  Its light material doesn’t block light from streaming in through the windows.

Scandinavian style décor has made an impact on how we approach design. Its emphasis on form and functionality works well when designing your tiny house bathroom. The simple ideas highlighted are an ingenious way to maximize on the narrow space  that make up a tiny house bathroom. You can also mix the Scandinavian design style with your personal unique style to bring out a stunning looking bathroom.


50 Scandinavian Style Bedroom Inspirations

Scandinavian Style Tiny Bedroom

Scandinavian interior is characterized by simplicity, functionality and minimalism. Although it has been around since the 19th century this trend is here to stay.

Designing your tiny house bedroom can seem a daunting venture because of the small space available. To design the tiny space available you have to be ingenious in creating a style décor without compromising style and comfort. This is why a Scandinavian style bedroom is perfect for a tiny house bedroom because of its simplicity and functionality.

Simplicity and functionality is important in creating a Scandinavian look for your tiny bedroom. Neutral colors dominate this style but use of additional color accents will add more interest and visual stimulation.

Scandinavian style bedroom Ideas

Good bedroom storage is a must to keep the tiny bedroom free from clutter. Here are some Scandinavian style bedroom ideas that can work well in your tiny bedroom.


The color palette in Scandinavian interior design is much more muted compared to other interior design décor. The colors are in simple tones such as whites, greys and creams.

In Scandinavian style of decorating much emphasis is placed on natural colors instead of bold colors. Using the Scandinavian design colors like white will work well in your tiny house bedroom. An all-white design or mixing with hues of grey in a tiny bedroom makes the bedroom look bigger than it actually is. Leave the walls free from artwork to avoid the look of clutter instead invest in colorful bedside rugs and bed linen.

Blonde wood floors in your tiny bedroom will pair well with the white walls. Opt for uneven raw natural looking floors.

Mix and match

Geometric prints look stylish and elegant in a Scandinavian style design. If you choose to go the modern way with the look choose brightly colored accents, but for a cozier look try natural muted color tones. You can also have geometric knits and bed linen.

For an authentic Scandinavian style bedroom, pick a mid- century bed with clean lines and a neutral frame. Mid- century style is quite popular. The warm wood tones of the bed will work well alongside a neutral bedroom color scheme and a wooden floor

Scandinavian style design is versatile so think beyond the greys and whites. If you are looking for minimalist tones with warmth go for rich tones such as mustard and burnt orange, paired up with metal pieces for an edgier look.

Natural Light

You can choose to have large windows for your tiny bedroom to maximize on the natural light streaming in. Scandinavian style design is all about creating a sense of harmony with your surroundings whether you are in the city or country side.

An all-white color scheme in your tiny bedroom also maximizes the natural light coming into your tiny bedroom. If you don’t want to go with the sterile look of an all-white color for your tiny bedroom you can choose an off white color with warm undertones for a warm cozy feel.

Although Scandinavian décor style may be simple and minimalist it doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for your unique touch of personality. Design your tiny bedroom with your personality which can be a mix of Scandinavian design and other theme décor styles.

50 Scandinavian Style Kitchen

Scandinavian Style Tiny Kitchen

Scandinavian style tiny kitchen is all about a blend of form and functionality to create an inviting ambiance into your small kitchen space. The beauty of this timeless style is that you might be already enjoying its benefits without being aware. Scandinavian style still showcases a simple minimalistic style setting that embraces a hint of color, warm tones and textural beauty.

 Its demand for simplicity, efficiency and a sense of elegance combined with your personal style will form an eccentric style that’s best suited for your tiny Kitchen space.

Working to utilize every bit of available space in your tiny kitchen, Scandinavian style design is a perfect choice. Since minimalism, simplicity and organization is a vital part of the style. Cabinets for storage, and sleek floating shelves that place efficiency over form are a welcome idea to use in your tiny kitchen.

Here are some Scandinavian style inspired ideas to incorporate into your tiny kitchen

Keep it white

When you think of Scandinavian design style, what comes to mind is the color white. In the past the color white was used in Scandinavian homes because of the harsh winters, they wanted to create a contrast to the dark, chilly cold weather outside and make it bright and warm inside.

White is an obvious choice for your Scandinavian style tiny kitchen as it maximizes on available natural light. This gives your tiny kitchen a look and feel that appears bigger than it actually is.

Having an all-white color theme in your tiny kitchen does not automatically qualify it to be Scandinavian, you need additional style elements like good lighting and warm tones that finish up the look of the Scandinavian style tiny kitchen.

Adding color to your tiny kitchen

Adding color to your tiny Scandinavian style kitchen is a lot simpler than in the living room or bedroom that have adopted the same style. Beautiful kitchenware with floral patterns, pops of bright yellow that stands out in contrast to the neutral backdrop is the most preferred option. This beautiful blend of color in your tiny kitchen breaks the monotony of an all-white wall.

Summer colors agree well with the Scandinavian design style. You can also use stronger hues but with moderation so as to stick to the Scandinavian classic look. Cabinets in aqua green or light green can take the appeal of your Scandinavian style tiny kitchen to a whole new level.

Maximize on natural lighting

You can combine a rustic look with the Scandinavian style or you can choose a more contemporary approach. Whichever Scandinavian inspired style you choose to go with make sure that lighting in your tiny kitchen space is spot on. It is lighting that will make or break the look for your Scandinavian inspired style, in your tiny kitchen.

In the case of designing your tiny kitchen, you are working with little available space so make the most of it. This is an idea that works perfectly with Scandinavian style design.

47 Scandinavian Style Living Room

Scandinavian Style Tiny Living Room

 A tiny house presents a wide range of decorating challenges that will require a designer to be creative especially in the use of the small space available. In doing so, you still have to consider a bright visual picture that is bright, cheerful and elegant to compensate for the lack of space.

Incorporating all these with a blend of simplicity, functionality and minimalism is what Scandinavian interior décor is all about. Scandinavian simplicity in a tiny house living room feels both inviting and spacious. Use of white backdrop in the living room is a clever way of creating a feeling of space which will make the tiny house living room seem bigger.

Scandinavian style living room ideas

Let us look at different ideas that you can use to decorate your tiny living room incorporating the Scandinavian design style.


Painting with varying colors of white and grey in your tiny house living room will make your tiny living room appear clean, simple and minimalist .Accent the trim ceiling and floor boards with paints of neutral colors. The contrast of white and neutral colors on the floors will create a good visual effect. This illusion often creates a look of more space in the tiny living room.

To add texture and color to your Scandinavian style living room interior, decorate your tiny living room couch with throw pillows and pillows that have simple geometric designs.

Wall to wall carpeting is not ideal choice for a Scandinavian style living room. The flooring is usually made from light hardwood material it can either be white in color or in its natural color. Laminated color flooring is also a stylish idea in a Scandinavian design interior. This type of flooring will make your tiny house living room appear brighter and spacious and at the same time creating an inviting atmosphere.

Think functionality and simplicity

Scandinavian interior design décor thrives in its simplicity and functionality. It is also characterized by its functional and innovative use of space. It’s common to see use of multi- level shelving in a Scandinavian style living room. This storage idea is a very stylish, innovative and functional way to go because it creates more storage space for your tiny living room.


Scandinavian style décor considers lighting as a light source, thus the manner in which lighting is used is very important. Lighting is used to set the mood in a Scandinavian style décor. Use a mix of modern lighting with a mix of industrial design like the pendant lighting to give your tiny living room a warm cozy feel. Candlelight and candelabras can also give your tiny room a romantic atmosphere.

Create an inviting space into your Scandinavian style tiny house living room by allowing natural light to stream in through the windows. You can achieve this by having large windows. Don’t use heavy curtains on the windows instead opt for sheer fabric.

Using the above simple ideas to inspire you, you should be able to create a stunning space that incorporates the beauty, simplicity and functionality of a Scandinavian style design for your tiny house living room.