Rustic Shelves for Your Interior

Rustic Shelves

Rustic shelves are great at providing additional storage while giving a subtle modern touch to their surrounding.

This may be a decision that will certainly not apply to all but the fact that space is needed will still result in the installation of the shelves. These will not just serve the space. How you install them will also serve to add great decor to your already furnished home as you continue to do the renovations. There are several ways you can install the rustic shelves for use and these include;

Rustic shelves made from reclaimed wood

Making shelves from reclaimed wood is an easy way to avoid wasting any unused wood from your woodworking projects. The best part? You can do it yourself, without the need for a professional woodworker. Additionally, reclaimed wood shelves add a subtle rustic touch to your home, while providing more space to display whatever it is you wish to place on them.

Create floating rusting shelves

Rustic floating shelves should be placed where there is enough lighting. This brings forward mainly their decorative features, rather than their actual use as a storage space. Ensure that you have them either evenly placed or ensure that you place them using a pattern that is unique and very appealing.

Use honeycomb shelves

Honeycomb shelves offer a modern take on wall shelving spaces, with 5 shelves cleverly integrated into an elegant honeycomb design. The glass shelves are held in place by 3 connected gold-colored iron hexagons. Above all, honeycomb shelves give your home a contemporary style.

Where to place your rustic shelves

Rustic shelves can be best placed in the empty corners of your home. You can place shelves of different sizes and designs. This will help you take care of the storage space that has run out and keep the bare spaces caused by the empty corners.

While you may be wondering how exactly you can take care of the space issue that may have in your small house, you can actually do these things of shelve installation on your own. It is an advantage and especially because It helps you save on a lot of money and also allows you to learn how to renovate your house without necessarily having to call an expert to do it. If the same process teds to prove difficult, you can learn through online tutorials and still perfect the art.