29 Contemporary Style Living Room Ideas

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There is a bad feeling about having to live in a contemporary style tiny living room area that is disorganized and full of clutter. The last thing you would want to do is spend your time in such a place.

However, your room can still be as small as it is, the best place you would want to hang out either alone or with a pack of friends. All you need to do is style it smartly using different ideas that make it attractive and extremely comfortable.

Let enough light pour in

A dark room is always an uncomfortable room, unless of course you are taking a nap in your tiny bedroom. However, if your room is able to allow enough natural light through, do not block the same by fixing dark curtains to your window.

Keep the curtains bright as the light makes the room feel fresh and airy. Smaller windows should not limit you from choosing bright curtains that well blend with your theme. What is important is to remember that you need the light.

Play with scale

A small living room can be limiting in terms of what to have and what not to have. In such a case, what you will need to do is to ensure that you are able to utilize the space with what is needed and can bring a different feel.

For example, a chandelier in a small living room space still makes it a place you look forward to coming to after your day’s work and activities. Alternatively, get yourself bright and beautiful large paintings that you can fix to the wall. Those will not necessarily eat up too much of your space and add to the contemporary style tiny living room look that you want.

Keep the room cozy

You need to remember that your room is tiny and you should not struggle to keep your items far apart so it looks big. In fact, bring your seats closer together to ensure that all the space has been utilized and ensure that the rug you put on the floor is soft and massages the feet.

Think about your coffee table

Instead of buying an extremely large coffee table that ends up taking up all of your contemporary style tiny living room space, buy two small coffee table instead. You will realize that this will not hinder the free movement from one point to another. Another advantage that these provide is that you can still move them to a different area of your small living room easily.

Paint your walls white

Dark walls for a small living room can be very boring. White walls however enhance the brightness of your room regardless of what time of the day it is.

A small living room cannot limit you from having memorable moments. All you need to ensure is that when coming up with ideas, you will utilize the ones that come to solve the space problem instead of bringing in more frustration. Make your little space an experience of heaven.  

33 Contemporary Style Kitchen Ideas

Modern Kitchen Ideas For 20 Photos Small Modern Kitchen Design Small Modern Kitchen Design With Chrome Stools And Grainy Gray Cabinets Small Modern Kitchen Design Ikea Small Modern Kitchen Design In I

We are not all blessed to have luxurious large kitchen diners. Most large kitchens would have space for an Island, large cookers and ovens and large fridges. These will definitely not fir into a small kitchen space as it will leave you gasping both for breath and space, making the movement in there very uncomfortable.

Even with all these going on, it is possible to overlook the small kitchen space and come up with ideas that will make you feel like your kitchen still has more than enough space. Before implementing the ideas, have an idea of what you will need in your contemporary style tiny kitchen and where you will want to have everything placed.

Consider using compact containers

In case you are wondering how you can store food stuffs in your small kitchen without interfering with the space, consider using compact containers. The way you store them in the kitchen helps leave room for other items. This is because you can place some over others and they are also easily portable from one point to another.

Consider moving your washing machine

Given the model or the use of your washing machine, your mind probably tells you that having it in the kitchen is an absolute good idea. However, many people have had them stored in or just close to their bathrooms.

If you are running out of kitchen space and very sure that the space would help a great deal, you may consider moving your washing machine elsewhere. There is no negative effect or implication in moving your washing machine to create space for your small kitchen.

Utilize every unused space in every corner

Bear in mind that you have a small space in your kitchen and ensure that there is no wasted space. Such spaces may include the shelves, the space under the sink and spaces where you place your kitchen electronics.

If any of your kitchen items that need to be stored there are lacking space, utilize these unused spaces to ensure all things are kept there. A good arrangement will ensure that the kitchen does not look unkempt and squeezed with stuff. Alternatively, you can shift the items that you use occasionally to create room for the ones that you will need to use every other day.

Clear any clutter in your small kitchen

Wall cabinets in a contemporary style tiny kitchen are not necessary. All they do is use up the space. An ideal way for storing stuff in your kitchen is ensuring that the storage is done in open shelves. The advantage of the shelves is not just creating space but also bring about an airy feel, depending on what you decide to put on them.

The only way to create space in a small kitchen is mainly to get rid of what you do not need. There are often times that we have items that we have not used in years and these create a lot of clutter. Once you make the decision to move them and shift those that are not in much use, you can have enough space to store and also to move around.

47 Contemporary Style Bedroom Ideas

Contemporary Bedroom

One may not necessarily feel the need to have a big bedroom space and especially if you are a person living alone. Another reason is the fact that very little time is spent in the bedroom and this makes you very comfortable with a contemporary style tiny bedroom.

However, there are others that have very tiny bedrooms and opt to look for houses that have a big space for their bedroom. This may not be necessary. All you need is a variety of workable ideas that will make you have a feel of a spacious bedroom that you are desperately looking for.

Paint your bedroom floor

One way to ensure that your bedroom feels spacious is to ensure that it is well lit. A dark bedroom will not only feel small, it will feel congested and stuffy, even when it is not. With a small room, you can paint the floor. If you however do not fancy a painted floor, consider putting a little color on the floor boards to give the room that feel of largeness. This will also gives you the contemporary style tiny bedroom look that you are looking for.

Keep everything in the wall neutral

When looking for bedroom design curtains, do not look for heavy material that will make your room feel stacked with items. Instead, get curtains that are bright to keep the room bright. The brighter the room’s ambience, the bigger it will continue to feel. Light curtains also contribute greatly in ensuring that your tiny room remains well aerated preventing the feel of stuffiness.

Use large mirrors

When installing a mirror in your small bedroom, ensure that it is an extremely large one. For a small room, this will not only make it feel spacious, it is also a great way to increase the glam of your room and create the contemporary style that you want.

Use vertical stripes

Just like in fashion, the same rule will apply to interior decor. Instead of using horizontal stripes that well appear short given the size of the room, the vertical lines will make the room look as if it has long walls making it feel large. You may also use vertical stripes for your beddings to make you feel like you are sleeping on a large bed in a big and spacious room.

Suspend your nightstand

It is very possible to run out of room in your contemporary style tiny bedroom and especially the floor room. In such cases, what you will need to do is to suspend some of the items from the ceiling down. This works very well for your nightstand and it does not in any way interfere with your space.

Allow all the natural light

Just as we had mentioned initially, natural light in a small room helps to create the big space feeling as well as making the small room feel well aerated. If your room does not have the panoramic windows, ensure that the wall windows are always allowed to let in as much natural light as possible.

To make your small bedroom feel big, you need to be creative and incorporate ideas that can work well for you.

35 Contemporary Style Bathroom Ideas

Contemporary Bathrooms The Contemporary Bathroom Ideas On A Budget

There are so many items for bathroom use that we need to keep in the bathroom but with a small space, it tends to become extremely limiting. Due to this, we often find ourselves looking for more available space in other rooms such as the bedroom when we try to create a contemporary style tiny bathroom.

A few challenges that are experienced with a tiny bathroom include having little room to take a shower, stuffiness especially when you have to hung all your wet clothes leaving no room for fresh air, and an assignment left for you on where to have all your bathroom towels. A few ideas can be incorporated to ensure that regardless of the space, you can still overcome these little challenges.

Put the sink in the corner

Having your bathroom sink in the middle only helps to increase traffic rather than reduce it. Due to this reason, as you think of having a sink installation in your contemporary style tiny bathroom, consider having it in the corner. You will realize that it does not disrupt the opening and closing if the door and you do not have to keep moving across your little bathroom to access the sink service.

Consider a shower curtain

What you have in mind is how best to create enough room in your bathroom that appears very small. Instead of having a shower door that may reduce more than enough space when closing and opening the same, consider a shower curtain that only moves back and forth without using up any needed space.

Mount the vanity wall

Smaller items are mainly the ones that have no space for their storage. Mounting the vanity and raising it slightly higher from the bathroom floor helps to create more than enough room for these small items. The space is actually enough to ensure that you do not have items needed in the bathroom outside the room.

Round the vanity

It is actually very possible to round the vanity of your contemporary style tiny bathroom. Other than just utilizing the little space that is left for movement, it helps to reduce hip injuries that are usually caused by a square vanity. A rounded one instead looks like it used up just a small portion of your bathroom leaving no worry for the amount of the space that is left and how to use it up.

Extend the counter over the toilet

The counter also works just above the toilet space. Instead of creating room for where to install it, do a little adjusting of your space and just extend it forward. This will allow you use the same multi purposely. You can place some items such as the soaps on the same counter, toothbrush and paste and still use the same counter for cleaning.

There is absolutely no challenge experienced with a little space if you have the best and workable ideas. If these are constantly a challenge, an experienced constructor can assist you in the design and also letting you know what part of the small bathroom needs to be in which area. This way, you will not have to complain about little space.

39 Contemporary Style Backyard Ideas

Contemporary Style Tiny Backyard 6

Inner city homesteads are best known to have some of the smallest yards. Some residents of these places may feel like the space is too limiting for them. While some may decide to relocate, others may decide to come up with ideas that may help them utilize the little space that they have in their yards. Some of these contemporary style tiny backyard ideas include below.

Trimming the trees

The kind of trees you decide to plant in your small yard may determine just how much space you will have. There are trees that tend to have a lot of width and as they continue to grow, they will take up all the space. What you need to do in this case is to grow trees that shoot upwards. These will still ensure that fresh air is circulating freely in your yard.

What you will need to do with these trees from time to time is to ensure that you are trimming them. Choosing the right tree will create the contemporary style tiny backyard look you are looking for.

Consider side gardening

If you intend to plant anything in your backyard, consider planting all of them on one side. When you do this, you make sure to leave the centre open. While this is creating room in your yard, you will realize that there will be a lot of activity that you can do in that small space you choose to leave. This may include picnics, small games and even family gatherings.

Use white color

Just like indoors, using white color in your yard gives it a feeling of space. The white color can be used for furniture and the walls. This will ensure that every moment you spend there feels bright as the place is well lit and well aerated. It will also help to create the contemporary style tiny backyard decor that you want.

Include a grassy nook

Your yard should not only be limited to planting stuff and having your seats there. In fact, you should go ahead to create a small section where you can plant a little grass that you can relax on. Seats can be tiring. You need a place where you can freely lie down and relax your muscle.

Incorporate plant contouring

Before you plant anything in your yard, you have to look at the much space you have. Some plants tend to grow really quickly and if they are planted in bulk, they may use up all the space in your yard. To avoid this, grow plants that have the right shapes and colour to create a good ambience for you and anyone who decides to visit your yard.

Use a narrow pool

Big pools are not limits to big yards only. Design your pool in a way that it is narrow but lengthy to ensure that it does not take up too much of your contemporary style tiny backyard. The main reason of having a yard is to have a place to relax outside the house. A swimming pool is a great essential for relaxation.

Ensure to have the greatest ideas in mind for your yard and do not rush into any of them. One thing you need to have in mind is that you have small space and not everything you will want in your yard will fir.