Scandinavian Style Backyard

Outdoor space is often overlooked when designing and it’s the area that packs the most punch. Your Scandinavian style tiny backyard is your chance to make a good impression on neighbors and guests, so sprucing it up will give your backyard space a much needed boost. The backyard gives you extra room to your tiny house. You can have seats outside for sitting and basking in the summer sun or you can use the space to entertain guests.

Scandinavian style design channels your backyard space through natural bright light and natural green plants, so your tiny house backyard is an ideal place to showcase this style. If done right you can transform your backyard into your own personal haven.

Some ideas you can use as an inspiration for your Scandinavian style tiny backyard.

Wooden furniture

When it comes to choosing materials that will be used for your backyard furniture opt for materials that play a deciding role in the tone and feel of your backyard space and can also withstand the elements. Natural materials are a feature of the Scandinavian feel. Remember, functionality and minimalism is key.

Wooden furniture is the way to go as well as choosing colors that are close to nature and also compliment your surrounding atmosphere.

 You can choose an intimate wooden chair and table which you can use when you want to sit outside enjoying the warm summer sun or when you are entertaining guests, serves as additional space to your tiny house.

Go green

Going green means having plants in your backyard. Potted plants in beautiful authentic style pots would work well for this look. Be stylish and also blend in with the overall Scandinavian style tiny backyard. You can also include colorful flowers in your tiny house backyard to have that pop of color that adds a special charm.

An important point to consider when choosing the kind of plants to put in your tiny house backyard is finding plants that thrive naturally with minimal effort. Some unruly wild flowers or native Scandinavian species can be a brave addition. As always less is more when it comes to perfecting this style.

Keep it modern

Trying to achieve the minimalist aspect of the Scandinavian style means that you don’t need to gather too many furnishings for your tiny house backyard, but it also means that you have to choose the right material to maintain the style. Scandinavian style uses natural materials with a mix of old and new to combine the modern and traditional look of this style.

You can mix these traditional materials with modern materials like brass and copper. Consider this when choosing a piece you want to put in your backyard like tables or outdoor lamps for lighting.

The point of the Scandinavian style décor is to blend form and function together while keeping the design simple and with less clutter. Think minimal and you would have perfectly captured this look.

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