Industrial Style Inspiration For Your Kitchen

Industrial Style Kitchen

A tiny house kitchen can be fancy, simple or utilitarian. Infusing industrial style into your tiny kitchen space can be a bit challenging. A tiny kitchen makes use of every available space in the kitchen. You can create a beautiful design that maximizes use of space as well as having an overall trendy look for your industrial style kitchen.

Picking the décor accessories for your tiny kitchen goes a long way into putting together a unique yet mesmerizing space. Inject your own ideas that reflect your personality when picking décor ideas for your tiny kitchen.

Incorporating the industrial style design into your tiny kitchen can be both practical and affordable. You have to choose a style that will also be functional.

Some of the industrial style ideas for your tiny kitchen are:

Rustic beauty and charm

You can have rustic beauty and charm infused into your tiny kitchen and still appeal to modern comforts. This industrial style design of using beautiful rustic materials in the kitchen is a unique way of designing your kitchen area. You can have shelves of wrought iron that is used as storage. Storage is a definite need in your tiny kitchen. Shelves could be high stacked up to create and maximize on the tiny space. The shelves can also be used to tuck away unnecessary items in your tiny kitchen.

Flooring and walls.

From wooden reclaimed floors to dark painted walls that give the industrial style kitchen a vintage look the options are endless. Working with smaller spaces and using dark colors help create an illusion of depth and dimension.

For the tiny kitchen walls you can also incorporate the exposed brick wall look. Throw in some wooden inbuilt shelves and open storage area to create a beautiful style kitchen.

 Metal nooks can be installed on the walls to be used in hanging pots and cookware. You can either have them on the walls or directly above the sink. Having racks on top of the sink is a creative and stylish way to design your tiny kitchen keeping in mind the tiny space available.

Modern twist designs

Combining this industrial style design offers a stylish design style between modern refinement and edgy overtones. This fusion style works beautifully and you can tone up or down the level of raw industrial beauty to suit your unique personalized style.

Pendant lighting

Pendant lighting in your kitchen as an industrial style design makes a style statement and adds a feeling of warmth into your tiny kitchen. With high ceilings, this type of lighting can show off the high ceilings and give the tiny kitchen space. an illusion of more space.

Use copper wires, antiqued brass and cast iron to add refinement and a touch of class to your tiny kitchen.

Style knows no boundaries and this statement truly applies when you are designing your tiny kitchen using industrial style. Don’t let the small space bar you from coming up with some stylish ideas for your tiny kitchen. Get inspired with some of the ideas we have highlighted above and get to designing. Working with small spaces can be challenging but if you do it the right way can be easy.

50 Scandinavian Style Kitchen

Scandinavian Style Tiny Kitchen

Scandinavian style tiny kitchen is all about a blend of form and functionality to create an inviting ambiance into your small kitchen space. The beauty of this timeless style is that you might be already enjoying its benefits without being aware. Scandinavian style still showcases a simple minimalistic style setting that embraces a hint of color, warm tones and textural beauty.

 Its demand for simplicity, efficiency and a sense of elegance combined with your personal style will form an eccentric style that’s best suited for your tiny Kitchen space.

Working to utilize every bit of available space in your tiny kitchen, Scandinavian style design is a perfect choice. Since minimalism, simplicity and organization is a vital part of the style. Cabinets for storage, and sleek floating shelves that place efficiency over form are a welcome idea to use in your tiny kitchen.

Here are some Scandinavian style inspired ideas to incorporate into your tiny kitchen

Keep it white

When you think of Scandinavian design style, what comes to mind is the color white. In the past the color white was used in Scandinavian homes because of the harsh winters, they wanted to create a contrast to the dark, chilly cold weather outside and make it bright and warm inside.

White is an obvious choice for your Scandinavian style tiny kitchen as it maximizes on available natural light. This gives your tiny kitchen a look and feel that appears bigger than it actually is.

Having an all-white color theme in your tiny kitchen does not automatically qualify it to be Scandinavian, you need additional style elements like good lighting and warm tones that finish up the look of the Scandinavian style tiny kitchen.

Adding color to your tiny kitchen

Adding color to your tiny Scandinavian style kitchen is a lot simpler than in the living room or bedroom that have adopted the same style. Beautiful kitchenware with floral patterns, pops of bright yellow that stands out in contrast to the neutral backdrop is the most preferred option. This beautiful blend of color in your tiny kitchen breaks the monotony of an all-white wall.

Summer colors agree well with the Scandinavian design style. You can also use stronger hues but with moderation so as to stick to the Scandinavian classic look. Cabinets in aqua green or light green can take the appeal of your Scandinavian style tiny kitchen to a whole new level.

Maximize on natural lighting

You can combine a rustic look with the Scandinavian style or you can choose a more contemporary approach. Whichever Scandinavian inspired style you choose to go with make sure that lighting in your tiny kitchen space is spot on. It is lighting that will make or break the look for your Scandinavian inspired style, in your tiny kitchen.

In the case of designing your tiny kitchen, you are working with little available space so make the most of it. This is an idea that works perfectly with Scandinavian style design.

28 Minimalist Style Kitchen Ideas

Tinyhouse 8

There is usually so much movement made in the kitchen with many other activities and all this has to be made easy to do. A minimalist style tiny kitchen can be frustrating as it tends to slow the activities down. This will eventually bring in the desire to move in to a bigger house with a bigger kitchen.

While this may sound important and like a solution, it is not necessarily necessary. There are many ways you can achieve all the movement you want in your minimal spaced kitchen without having to incur any expenses. A few things that you can do to achieve a minimalist style tiny kitchen will be discuss below.

Make a petite breakfast bar

A minimalist style tiny kitchen will obviously have no room for a kitchen table. This may block movement if allowed into the kitchen. What you need to do in such a case is to improvise. You can use one of the kitchen cabinets to place all the items that you would have otherwise placed on the kitchen table, if there was enough room. This helps to reduce any bulk in your small room.

Make perfect positioning a priority

It is very important that you first of all consider the shape of your kitchen space so that you can decide on the layout. What you will need to do is to make sure that the cabinets are slim and well placed in the little space that you have.

The positioning of all items should not limit the movement even slightly. In fact, how you position your kitchen should feel as though nothing has changed if the running was smooth before any changes were incorporated.

Make good use of your walls

If you are running out of space and are considering installing more cabinets into your kitchen, you may need to rethink that. You can utilize your wall space by installing a n umber of shelves that will help you with storage of important items.

The shelves need to be in a height where you will not strain yourself and also need to have enough space so that your kitchen stuff do not appear too squeezed.

Rethink your sink

If your sink is only used for the purpose of draining, you may need to again think about that. You can create storage space beneath the sink area and especially if you are running out of space to have some items stored. It all depends on how you may want to create that space.

The best way in a minimalist style tiny ktichen would be to mount the wall below the sink. This way, you can comfortably place some items there without worrying about having them get soaked.

Remove clutter

Are there items in your kitchen that you are not in need of? You may need to look for an alternative place to store them. The kitchen is very sensitive in terms of storage because all things needed for kitchen use will need to be put in a place where they do not tamper with hygiene.

33 Contemporary Style Kitchen Ideas

Modern Kitchen Ideas For 20 Photos Small Modern Kitchen Design Small Modern Kitchen Design With Chrome Stools And Grainy Gray Cabinets Small Modern Kitchen Design Ikea Small Modern Kitchen Design In I

We are not all blessed to have luxurious large kitchen diners. Most large kitchens would have space for an Island, large cookers and ovens and large fridges. These will definitely not fir into a small kitchen space as it will leave you gasping both for breath and space, making the movement in there very uncomfortable.

Even with all these going on, it is possible to overlook the small kitchen space and come up with ideas that will make you feel like your kitchen still has more than enough space. Before implementing the ideas, have an idea of what you will need in your contemporary style tiny kitchen and where you will want to have everything placed.

Consider using compact containers

In case you are wondering how you can store food stuffs in your small kitchen without interfering with the space, consider using compact containers. The way you store them in the kitchen helps leave room for other items. This is because you can place some over others and they are also easily portable from one point to another.

Consider moving your washing machine

Given the model or the use of your washing machine, your mind probably tells you that having it in the kitchen is an absolute good idea. However, many people have had them stored in or just close to their bathrooms.

If you are running out of kitchen space and very sure that the space would help a great deal, you may consider moving your washing machine elsewhere. There is no negative effect or implication in moving your washing machine to create space for your small kitchen.

Utilize every unused space in every corner

Bear in mind that you have a small space in your kitchen and ensure that there is no wasted space. Such spaces may include the shelves, the space under the sink and spaces where you place your kitchen electronics.

If any of your kitchen items that need to be stored there are lacking space, utilize these unused spaces to ensure all things are kept there. A good arrangement will ensure that the kitchen does not look unkempt and squeezed with stuff. Alternatively, you can shift the items that you use occasionally to create room for the ones that you will need to use every other day.

Clear any clutter in your small kitchen

Wall cabinets in a contemporary style tiny kitchen are not necessary. All they do is use up the space. An ideal way for storing stuff in your kitchen is ensuring that the storage is done in open shelves. The advantage of the shelves is not just creating space but also bring about an airy feel, depending on what you decide to put on them.

The only way to create space in a small kitchen is mainly to get rid of what you do not need. There are often times that we have items that we have not used in years and these create a lot of clutter. Once you make the decision to move them and shift those that are not in much use, you can have enough space to store and also to move around.

53 Modern Style Kitchen Ideas

Modern Style Tiny Kitchen 22

Most homeowners today are opting to have modern style tiny kitchen integrated into their small space homes. It not only adds class and elegance to your tiny home, a modern style kitchen will also increase the value of your house. With the different stylish designs to choose from, you can have your own personalized design. Whether you want cool and contemporary or warm and homely designs, there is a variety of ideas to suit your personal style.

A modern style tiny kitchen can be made to fit most spaces. Ideas and trends to look out for are pull out pantry, handle less cabinets, integrated appliances such as cooker, dish washer and fridges. You can also have large windows to have that fresh feeling of sunlight streaming in. A pop of color also can be infused into your modern style tiny kitchen.

Here are a few ideas that can inspire you when you are designing your new modern style tiny kitchen.

An all-white color scheme

Having an all-white color scheme makes your tiny kitchen stand out and have the feel of a tidy look. To break the monotony of the color white you can also add a few bits of grey on the counters.

Matt and sleek cabinets

A matt sleek contemporary cabinetry transforms your tiny kitchen into a perfect modern style tiny kitchen. It creates a lavish state of the art space. If you are going for the sophisticated, contemporary look then this is your ideal choice.

Maximize on natural lighting

Light has the capacity to make space look brighter and bigger. When you maximize on natural light in the kitchen it will give your kitchen the look of a wider space to use. This functions well especially if you are used to entertaining. Build bigger windows to have more light into your small space kitchen and if you have a garden you can have built in sliding doors that open up into the garden.

Incorporate a social spot

As we mentioned earlier the kitchen may function as an entertainment spot. You can create an island with bar stools surrounding the kitchen counter. This not only works well when you are having guests over but you can also catch up with family as you prepare your lunch or dinner.

Making the most of a smaller kitchen

Don’t be discouraged if you are working with a smaller kitchen. Almost all modern style designs can be integrated into small spaces. You can work with the open kitchen plan paired with the sleek cabinetry with mirrored designs to create a feeling of bigger space.

Work with natural materials too

Working with wood in your kitchen can be a good addition to your modern style tiny kitchen – even for your tiny bathroom. If you are going for the in depth look then dark colored wood works very well. You can also opt for brightly colored wood for a pop of color.

Modern style tiny kitchen décor are here to stay. Sophisticated and modern they blend the different styles incorporated into everyday living. Choose the design that works well for you and your tiny home.