Floating Beds (Types, Considerations & Benefits)

Floating Bed

Floating beds are visually appealing, no doubt. The uniqueness of the floating bed comes from the fact that they are minimal but yet sophisticated and refined in their style. They have this light and fresh design that makes them a bit futuristic, which is very modern and sleek.

 A floating bed is a cool addition to your tiny house bedroom because it’s simple in its design and its innovative too, making it a good fit for any modern contemporary home. And the best of all it creates space and a feeling of openness in your tiny space.

The reason I would recommend floating beds for your tiny bedroom is because they add a creative spark to your bedroom. Its eye catching and will make your tiny bedroom stand out because of its contemporary fashion since it’s a modern interior design concept.

Another reason for having a floating bed in your tiny room is it creates space. Having a floating bed means there is enough space in your room for storage, since the bed is floating it automatically creates space around the bed. It will give the room a sense of openness. It will also give your tiny bedroom a modern feel, bringing your bedroom into the 21st century.

There are even advanced types of floating beds with LED lighting equipped in the bed frames. This gives the bed a very modern look.

Here are the different types of floating beds.

Floating platform bed

This type of floating bed features an inset frame which makes the mattress seem to be floating above the ground. This design is not only attractive and unique but it also saves a lot of space around your tiny bedroom. You can have storage drawers underneath the bed, where they are invisible as they hide under the bed. This bed will make your tiny bedroom seem bigger plus no hitting your toes on corner legs.

Classic floating bed

The classic floating bed has a bed frame that is similar to the floating platform bed; the difference is that the headboard of this bed is sophisticated and large enough for those who love to read in bed. Similar to the platform bed the classic bed is ideal for saving space in the bedroom. The legs are also set within the frame, which eliminates the risk of a tripping hazard within your tiny bedroom.

The Omni-pendulum motion floating bed

When referring to floating beds we can also refer to the Omni-pendulum bed which is actually floating. The rocking and floating of the bed is what is actually where the name comes from. It is quite smooth and will hold you perfectly when sitting or sleeping without toppling over. It sort of cradles you and gives you a calm and relaxed feeling.

It’s ideal for your tiny bedroom because it’s small in size and lightweight which makes it easy and convenient for your tiny bedroom. It also looks very presentable and attractive adding a decorative element to your bedroom space.

Not many people would prefer this type of floating bed because of its rocking motion.

Whichever type of floating bed you choose make sure you choose the one that fits into your tiny bedroom space. As we have seen they save on space and give your room a futuristic and very modern look.

Bunk Beds With Stairs

Bunk Bed With Stairs

Creativity is essential when trying to design the interior of your tiny house. Trying to incorporate the kitchen, living room and bedroom into a space that averages 300 sq. feet is tricky. You have to come up with ideas that maximize on space and still play the role of simple and functional.

For your bedroom instead of having the normal beds which take up a lot of space, you can choose to have bunk beds with stairs in your tiny home; or even round bed. Bunk beds make the most of genuinely tiny spaces as well as add storage and provide cool ways to inject style into your tiny home.

Here are different types of bunk beds to choose from.

Triple decker bunk bed

Triple decker bunk beds features three twin beds on top of each other. Though they are uncommon, there is still a wide range of triple bunk beds in the market to suit both adults and children.

When choosing this type of bunk bed you will have to consider the height specifications for your tiny home. It’s an ideal choice because other than saving on space you have three beds all in one, awesome right?

Horizontal fold out bunk bed

The horizontal fold out bunk bed is ideal for your tiny home because it uses less space. It folds out from the wall lengthwise rather than from the top down.

Sofa bunk bed

A creative way to save space in your tiny home is having a sofa bunk bed. You have the alternative of using it as a seat during the daytime and at night it transforms into a bed. This saves you a lot of space.

Standard loft bunk bed

You can build a bed that goes over a part of your tiny home the space below can be used for storage. This is another creative way maximizing on available space in your tiny home as you will require all the floor space available. Many loft bunk beds have built in storage space beneath the top bunk

Twin over full bunk bed

 A twin over full type of bunk bed is a twin bed on the top bunk with a full double bunk bed on the lower bunk. This type of bunk bed takes up the same amount of space as a double bed the twin bed on top makes your tiny house bedroom appear visually larger.

Futon bunk bed

A futon bunk bed is almost like a standard bunk bed but not entirely. The difference in these two types of bunk beds is that instead of a second mattress in the lower bunk, there is a futon. The futon on the lower level can act as futon sofa or can also be transformed into a bed when need be.

With the many different types of bunk beds to choose from you can be spoilt for choice. I would suggest you choose something that will work well in your tiny home as well as saving on space.  Creativity and style is also important to make sure that the type of bunk bed you choose is a stunning addition to your tiny home.

Industrial Style Bedroom Ideas

Industrial Style Bedroom

An industrial style bedroom for a tiny house is a raw and edgy choice for anyone who loves authenticity. Industrial style design has gained popularity in recent years and we can incorporate this stylish, unpretentious and trendy style into your tiny bedroom. It’s a blessing in disguise to have a smaller space. Even if it sounds hard to design it’s not entirely impossible. The idea is to maximize on every bit of space.

For your bedroom you can choose a humble vintage look or better still a sleek and stylish look.

Some industrial style ideas for your bedroom in a tiny house are:

Metallic Magic

Having exposed pipes and ducts makes up for industrial style design and this is no exception even in the bedroom. To acquire the right results, the pipes and ducts are carefully integrated into the bedroom to match the theme of the whole room. Added with a round bed and it will look awesome.

You don’t have to entirely rely on the exposed pipes and ducts look to achieve an industrial style design in your bedroom. You can also opt to use oxidized copper panels or stylish metallic tiles which have ornate patterns. These can be used to shape the room. With the right side tables and décor one can make use of the minimalist space available to truly shape and create a stunning bedroom.

Use of scrap metal sub dividers can also help accentuate the industrial vibe of the bedroom.

Brick walls

Exposed brick walls are another major way of using the industrial style décor. You can choose to leave the walls just as they are or paint them. Remember to leave the room looking and feeling as natural as possible to bring out its unique, authentic style.

Achieve an overall look that is soft and cozier for the bedroom. The overall texture of the bedroom will visually soften the appearance of the room. For this you can put in a low slung platform bed with comfortable sheets that have no frills. This type of décor makes your room appear more natural, simple and uncluttered.


Use colors that will create more space visually in the tiny bedroom. Using light colors will make a room look bigger. You can combine neutral raw look with bare brick wall against a black accent wall to create an illusion of depth and dimension. If plain brick walls don’t work well for you try experimenting with a bold alternative, maybe even wood accent wall.

With the color grey also being a common choice for industrial style décor over the years. The choices available for you are endless. You can choose to reinvent or re-interpret the industrial style and incorporate it with other different themes to design your tiny bedroom.

Designing an industrial style bedroom for a tiny house seems hard because of the small space but it’s not impossible. Trying to design a small space also means you will have less clutter. With smart thinking you can utilize each and every bit of space available, using the design ideas listed above.


Modern Round Bed Ideas for 2021

Round Bed

Are you interested in adding glamour and a bit of excitement to your tiny bedroom? Then leave the world of quadratics and incorporate a round bed into your tiny bedroom. However, you will need to use your space smartly to create a satisfactory bedroom space.

Round beds are modern, trendy and come in different designs, colors and are made of different materials. Not only will they bring luxury to your tiny bedroom but with different mechanisms like lighting, rotation and storage space, you will feel the benefits of its convenience and functionality.

Stylish round beds are comfortable and durable. They come in a variety of colors and materials that can easily blend in with your tiny bedroom’s décor. Some of them can be folded into sofas which helps you save on space. You have the option of choosing any round frame you want an example being a round platform bed.

Depending with the kind of style you are aiming for in your tiny bedroom you should be careful with the type of materials you are choosing for your round bed. If you want to create a romantic atmosphere you should definitely use velvet. For a sophisticated and modern look then leather is the right choice for you. For a more classical ambiance then incorporate a wooden round bed into your tiny bedroom. To feel like royalty in your own tiny bedroom, I suggest you use silk and royal blue or silver color and you will sleep and feel like a king or queen.

Here are some suggestions of round beds you can choose from to incorporate into your tiny bedroom.

Leather round bed

The round bed is a perfect idea if you want to inject a dose modernism into your bedroom space. Add a little more elegance and sophistication by getting a white or creamy colored leather round bed.

Colorful round bed

For some pop of color in your bedroom get a round bed design that is colorful. It’s a good idea to create a stylish bedroom in your minimalist décor. Color such as tropical design brings happiness and that’s great for the bedroom space.

For the retro lovers

If you love the retro style then the round bed is a good choice in your tiny bedroom. You can upholster the round bed using the most common retro pattern or incorporating the most used retro colors like yellow, blue and brown. Also try adding some mirrors or musical instruments and you will definitely have the retro style.

Modern round bed

Round beds are a welcome decorative aspect in your tiny bedroom. By using black and golden tones not only will you add passion and modernity in your tiny bedroom but it will also create a romantic atmosphere filled with glamour and luxury.

The round beds are not a new decorating idea, but unfortunately only a few people are using them. It’s an intriguing approach you can use to spruce up your tiny bedroom. Be inspired with some of the ideas mentioned above. Blend them with your personality and create a little haven for yourself.

50 Scandinavian Style Bedroom Inspirations

Scandinavian Style Tiny Bedroom

Scandinavian interior is characterized by simplicity, functionality and minimalism. Although it has been around since the 19th century this trend is here to stay.

Designing your tiny house bedroom can seem a daunting venture because of the small space available. To design the tiny space available you have to be ingenious in creating a style décor without compromising style and comfort. This is why a Scandinavian style bedroom is perfect for a tiny house bedroom because of its simplicity and functionality.

Simplicity and functionality is important in creating a Scandinavian look for your tiny bedroom. Neutral colors dominate this style but use of additional color accents will add more interest and visual stimulation.

Scandinavian style bedroom Ideas

Good bedroom storage is a must to keep the tiny bedroom free from clutter. Here are some Scandinavian style bedroom ideas that can work well in your tiny bedroom.


The color palette in Scandinavian interior design is much more muted compared to other interior design décor. The colors are in simple tones such as whites, greys and creams.

In Scandinavian style of decorating much emphasis is placed on natural colors instead of bold colors. Using the Scandinavian design colors like white will work well in your tiny house bedroom. An all-white design or mixing with hues of grey in a tiny bedroom makes the bedroom look bigger than it actually is. Leave the walls free from artwork to avoid the look of clutter instead invest in colorful bedside rugs and bed linen.

Blonde wood floors in your tiny bedroom will pair well with the white walls. Opt for uneven raw natural looking floors.

Mix and match

Geometric prints look stylish and elegant in a Scandinavian style design. If you choose to go the modern way with the look choose brightly colored accents, but for a cozier look try natural muted color tones. You can also have geometric knits and bed linen.

For an authentic Scandinavian style bedroom, pick a mid- century bed with clean lines and a neutral frame. Mid- century style is quite popular. The warm wood tones of the bed will work well alongside a neutral bedroom color scheme and a wooden floor

Scandinavian style design is versatile so think beyond the greys and whites. If you are looking for minimalist tones with warmth go for rich tones such as mustard and burnt orange, paired up with metal pieces for an edgier look.

Natural Light

You can choose to have large windows for your tiny bedroom to maximize on the natural light streaming in. Scandinavian style design is all about creating a sense of harmony with your surroundings whether you are in the city or country side.

An all-white color scheme in your tiny bedroom also maximizes the natural light coming into your tiny bedroom. If you don’t want to go with the sterile look of an all-white color for your tiny bedroom you can choose an off white color with warm undertones for a warm cozy feel.

Although Scandinavian décor style may be simple and minimalist it doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for your unique touch of personality. Design your tiny bedroom with your personality which can be a mix of Scandinavian design and other theme décor styles.

42 Minimalist Style Bedroom Ideas

Minimalist Style For Tiny Bedroom 17

Second to the living room, the bedroom should be another place where you let yourself experience relaxation to the maximum. A congested bedroom is not a place you look forward to come to at the end of the day. That is why having a minimalist style tiny bedroom is the way to go.

Also, a bedroom with minimal space should not make you feel like you cannot improvise some things to make it feel spacious and more cozy. There are very many things you can do to a minimal space to ensure that it is able to contain more than you imagined it would.

Allow the natural light

Always remember that you are in a small room and there is a tendency of keeping small rooms dark. Ensure that there is enough natural light coming from the outside through the small window on your wall.

Minimalist style tend to feel that if anything is too small, there is no need to put a little more effort to make it feel bigger and better. In such a case, you can boost the natural light by ensuring that you have brightly colored curtains. You will realize that the lighting not only brings in the feel of more space, it also helps to make the tiny bedroom feel completely aired.

Use mirrors

The reflection coming from the mirrors tends to trick the eye all the time. What happens is that the mirrors will help to reflect the light and as you look through your mirror, you will feel like you are operating in an extremely big room even though it is actually a minimalist style tiny bedroom. You can use a few mirrors properly arranged in your wall or you could choose to work with one large mirror considering where you get to position the same.

Use white for your theme

Bright colours work very well with minimal space. In your case, ensure that the walls of your bedroom are painted white. This could also work very well with the cabinets you choose to have in your room. This may include your bed, any seat you have and the cabinets. The white colour will provide a sense of space and also act as a boost to the natural lighting that comes from the outside.

Do not be afraid to improvise

You can improvise storage space from what you already have. For example, your windows can serve as a place you can hang your lights, as long as they are not weirdly placed. If such improvising is done to detail, it tends to give your room a petrifying feel, not just of the space but it also makes you feel like you want to spend more time in your room.

Frustration about having less in a small room can go if you are ready to think and improvise. There is so much that you can do with little space to make your place feel appreciated. All you need to do is to ensure that you use the correct decor, the right colours for ambience and to remove all items that act as clutter to give room for what will improve your stay.

47 Contemporary Style Bedroom Ideas

Contemporary Bedroom

One may not necessarily feel the need to have a big bedroom space and especially if you are a person living alone. Another reason is the fact that very little time is spent in the bedroom and this makes you very comfortable with a contemporary style tiny bedroom.

However, there are others that have very tiny bedrooms and opt to look for houses that have a big space for their bedroom. This may not be necessary. All you need is a variety of workable ideas that will make you have a feel of a spacious bedroom that you are desperately looking for.

Paint your bedroom floor

One way to ensure that your bedroom feels spacious is to ensure that it is well lit. A dark bedroom will not only feel small, it will feel congested and stuffy, even when it is not. With a small room, you can paint the floor. If you however do not fancy a painted floor, consider putting a little color on the floor boards to give the room that feel of largeness. This will also gives you the contemporary style tiny bedroom look that you are looking for.

Keep everything in the wall neutral

When looking for bedroom design curtains, do not look for heavy material that will make your room feel stacked with items. Instead, get curtains that are bright to keep the room bright. The brighter the room’s ambience, the bigger it will continue to feel. Light curtains also contribute greatly in ensuring that your tiny room remains well aerated preventing the feel of stuffiness.

Use large mirrors

When installing a mirror in your small bedroom, ensure that it is an extremely large one. For a small room, this will not only make it feel spacious, it is also a great way to increase the glam of your room and create the contemporary style that you want.

Use vertical stripes

Just like in fashion, the same rule will apply to interior decor. Instead of using horizontal stripes that well appear short given the size of the room, the vertical lines will make the room look as if it has long walls making it feel large. You may also use vertical stripes for your beddings to make you feel like you are sleeping on a large bed in a big and spacious room.

Suspend your nightstand

It is very possible to run out of room in your contemporary style tiny bedroom and especially the floor room. In such cases, what you will need to do is to suspend some of the items from the ceiling down. This works very well for your nightstand and it does not in any way interfere with your space.

Allow all the natural light

Just as we had mentioned initially, natural light in a small room helps to create the big space feeling as well as making the small room feel well aerated. If your room does not have the panoramic windows, ensure that the wall windows are always allowed to let in as much natural light as possible.

To make your small bedroom feel big, you need to be creative and incorporate ideas that can work well for you.