12 Features of a Modern Style Bathroom

We operate in different kinds of bathrooms in terms of set up. How you wish to build and decorate yours is totally a matter of personal preference. Modern style tiny bathroom today are however more preferred to the kinds that were used in olden days. There are several features that have come up that are expensive in terms of purchase but a relief in terms of the comfort one is looking for. Where there is a group of people looking forward to renovate their most visited places like the kitchen and living room for a greater ambience, others are more focused to having an entertaining place in their tiny bathroom area. Here are a few features of the modern style tiny bathroom.

A heated ceramic floor

The bathroom is the most difficult area to keep warm. This is mainly because you are constantly running water to either shower or clean the same place up. You will always feel a difference when done with a shower and move into your bedroom.  Heated ceramic floor makes a huge difference. It helps to keep temperatures regulated at all times and you can hardly tell the difference even after taking a long shower.

A dual flush toilet

Water is one thing that escalates your bill unbelievably especially due to the fact that you have to use the bathroom. To regulate this, a modern bathroom has brought the ability to build a dual flush toilet that helps to manage how you use your water. It is efficient in that you can control the amount of water you flush, depending on how you use your bathroom. This is mainly made possible for people who live in arears with warmer climate such as the Australia and some parts of the USA.

High gloss tiles

The bathroom is one of the most neglected areas in terms of renovation. Most people have the mentality that there’s little time spent in the bathroom leaving no interest at all for the need to renovate it a little. High gloss times give your bathroom a sense of shine and makes it have a great ambience feel. With high gloss tiles in your modern bathroom, you have more reason to spend more time in the shower due to the relaxation that comes with the good appearance of your bathroom.

Flush mount lighting

Flush mount lighting in your bathroom not only helps to create a different mood, it helps to bring a lot of relaxation and also makes the place presentable. The lighting comes with different designs and different colours and this also all boils down to your personal preference.

We all want to go into a house that is presentable and one that will give us a feeling of relaxation after an obvious hard day of work. The best way we can reward ourselves is to remember that as we renovate our house from time to time, the bathroom is also a place that needs to be given a priority especially in a tiny home. Allow yourself to create a good ambience in your modern style tiny bathroom and enjoy every single minute you spend in it.

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