35 Contemporary Style Bathroom Ideas

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There are so many items for bathroom use that we need to keep in the bathroom but with a small space, it tends to become extremely limiting. Due to this, we often find ourselves looking for more available space in other rooms such as the bedroom when we try to create a contemporary style tiny bathroom.

A few challenges that are experienced with a tiny bathroom include having little room to take a shower, stuffiness especially when you have to hung all your wet clothes leaving no room for fresh air, and an assignment left for you on where to have all your bathroom towels. A few ideas can be incorporated to ensure that regardless of the space, you can still overcome these little challenges.

Put the sink in the corner

Having your bathroom sink in the middle only helps to increase traffic rather than reduce it. Due to this reason, as you think of having a sink installation in your contemporary style tiny bathroom, consider having it in the corner. You will realize that it does not disrupt the opening and closing if the door and you do not have to keep moving across your little bathroom to access the sink service.

Consider a shower curtain

What you have in mind is how best to create enough room in your bathroom that appears very small. Instead of having a shower door that may reduce more than enough space when closing and opening the same, consider a shower curtain that only moves back and forth without using up any needed space.

Mount the vanity wall

Smaller items are mainly the ones that have no space for their storage. Mounting the vanity and raising it slightly higher from the bathroom floor helps to create more than enough room for these small items. The space is actually enough to ensure that you do not have items needed in the bathroom outside the room.

Round the vanity

It is actually very possible to round the vanity of your contemporary style tiny bathroom. Other than just utilizing the little space that is left for movement, it helps to reduce hip injuries that are usually caused by a square vanity. A rounded one instead looks like it used up just a small portion of your bathroom leaving no worry for the amount of the space that is left and how to use it up.

Extend the counter over the toilet

The counter also works just above the toilet space. Instead of creating room for where to install it, do a little adjusting of your space and just extend it forward. This will allow you use the same multi purposely. You can place some items such as the soaps on the same counter, toothbrush and paste and still use the same counter for cleaning.

There is absolutely no challenge experienced with a little space if you have the best and workable ideas. If these are constantly a challenge, an experienced constructor can assist you in the design and also letting you know what part of the small bathroom needs to be in which area. This way, you will not have to complain about little space.

39 Contemporary Style Backyard Ideas

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Inner city homesteads are best known to have some of the smallest yards. Some residents of these places may feel like the space is too limiting for them. While some may decide to relocate, others may decide to come up with ideas that may help them utilize the little space that they have in their yards. Some of these contemporary style tiny backyard ideas include below.

Trimming the trees

The kind of trees you decide to plant in your small yard may determine just how much space you will have. There are trees that tend to have a lot of width and as they continue to grow, they will take up all the space. What you need to do in this case is to grow trees that shoot upwards. These will still ensure that fresh air is circulating freely in your yard.

What you will need to do with these trees from time to time is to ensure that you are trimming them. Choosing the right tree will create the contemporary style tiny backyard look you are looking for.

Consider side gardening

If you intend to plant anything in your backyard, consider planting all of them on one side. When you do this, you make sure to leave the centre open. While this is creating room in your yard, you will realize that there will be a lot of activity that you can do in that small space you choose to leave. This may include picnics, small games and even family gatherings.

Use white color

Just like indoors, using white color in your yard gives it a feeling of space. The white color can be used for furniture and the walls. This will ensure that every moment you spend there feels bright as the place is well lit and well aerated. It will also help to create the contemporary style tiny backyard decor that you want.

Include a grassy nook

Your yard should not only be limited to planting stuff and having your seats there. In fact, you should go ahead to create a small section where you can plant a little grass that you can relax on. Seats can be tiring. You need a place where you can freely lie down and relax your muscle.

Incorporate plant contouring

Before you plant anything in your yard, you have to look at the much space you have. Some plants tend to grow really quickly and if they are planted in bulk, they may use up all the space in your yard. To avoid this, grow plants that have the right shapes and colour to create a good ambience for you and anyone who decides to visit your yard.

Use a narrow pool

Big pools are not limits to big yards only. Design your pool in a way that it is narrow but lengthy to ensure that it does not take up too much of your contemporary style tiny backyard. The main reason of having a yard is to have a place to relax outside the house. A swimming pool is a great essential for relaxation.

Ensure to have the greatest ideas in mind for your yard and do not rush into any of them. One thing you need to have in mind is that you have small space and not everything you will want in your yard will fir.

49 Modern Style Living Room Ideas

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In recent times, styling of the living room has changed from the traditional pattern to the modern style tiny living room decoration. This change is underscored by factors such as change in design taste, the need for simplicity, texture and the emphasis on space in small homes.

Unlike the antique ways of styling the living room which is characterized by stone fire place, mahogany paneled walls and other antique objects which overemphasize elegance, the modern style tiny living room sticks to achieving a sleek and cozy outlook. This is not to say that the traditional style is completely out of vogue.

Contemporary style of living room decoration entails simplicity, cool color texture, shapes and lines in sculptural designs, geometric designs and curve less furniture – giving it a sleek and appealing appearance. Now, in giving one’s tiny living room this modern outlook, one must give considerations to the following.

Color Selection

Starting from the color, it should be noted that white, neutrals and black are the major color as far as modern style of interior decoration is concerned. While white is applied to sculptured ceilings; black is basically used for the grounding; the walls are given a neutral fill.

However, if a bold and bright color is applied on the walls, neutral could be applied at other spots. To further beautify the walls, mild lightening effect should be provided. It could be spotlights on paintings or artwork just to serve as an eye attraction to it. Marble tiles, patterned rugs, wood or vinyl can be used for the flooring to achieve the modern style tiny living room finish.

It is all about the Lines

Another prominent element that must be considered is the line which majorly is reflected in the architectural designs. Brick walls provide good effect for the lines giving the small living room a cool fill. Sometimes, patterned painting styles can do the magic.

It also must be pointed out the idea that “less is more” is firmly found in modern style tiny living room design trend. This gives credence to the effect of space which reflects beauty in the aura of the tiny living room and subsequently could serve as spot for decorative objects.

Furniture must be uncluttered

The furniture must be uncluttered and kept simple such that it blends with the walls and floor in a stylish manner. Too much of carved edges and floral designs must be avoided. A mix of colorful blends of pillows should be supplied to aggrandize and provide colorful effects to the furniture. 

Other elements of design for the living room can include the use of decorative stones, clear or opaque glass designs, center rugs and artistic objects. Also, a touch of nature can be added to provide sleek effects to the modern style tiny living room look that you wanted.

53 Modern Style Kitchen Ideas

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Most homeowners today are opting to have modern style tiny kitchen integrated into their small space homes. It not only adds class and elegance to your tiny home, a modern style kitchen will also increase the value of your house. With the different stylish designs to choose from, you can have your own personalized design. Whether you want cool and contemporary or warm and homely designs, there is a variety of ideas to suit your personal style.

A modern style tiny kitchen can be made to fit most spaces. Ideas and trends to look out for are pull out pantry, handle less cabinets, integrated appliances such as cooker, dish washer and fridges. You can also have large windows to have that fresh feeling of sunlight streaming in. A pop of color also can be infused into your modern style tiny kitchen.

Here are a few ideas that can inspire you when you are designing your new modern style tiny kitchen.

An all-white color scheme

Having an all-white color scheme makes your tiny kitchen stand out and have the feel of a tidy look. To break the monotony of the color white you can also add a few bits of grey on the counters.

Matt and sleek cabinets

A matt sleek contemporary cabinetry transforms your tiny kitchen into a perfect modern style tiny kitchen. It creates a lavish state of the art space. If you are going for the sophisticated, contemporary look then this is your ideal choice.

Maximize on natural lighting

Light has the capacity to make space look brighter and bigger. When you maximize on natural light in the kitchen it will give your kitchen the look of a wider space to use. This functions well especially if you are used to entertaining. Build bigger windows to have more light into your small space kitchen and if you have a garden you can have built in sliding doors that open up into the garden.

Incorporate a social spot

As we mentioned earlier the kitchen may function as an entertainment spot. You can create an island with bar stools surrounding the kitchen counter. This not only works well when you are having guests over but you can also catch up with family as you prepare your lunch or dinner.

Making the most of a smaller kitchen

Don’t be discouraged if you are working with a smaller kitchen. Almost all modern style designs can be integrated into small spaces. You can work with the open kitchen plan paired with the sleek cabinetry with mirrored designs to create a feeling of bigger space.

Work with natural materials too

Working with wood in your kitchen can be a good addition to your modern style tiny kitchen – even for your tiny bathroom. If you are going for the in depth look then dark colored wood works very well. You can also opt for brightly colored wood for a pop of color.

Modern style tiny kitchen décor are here to stay. Sophisticated and modern they blend the different styles incorporated into everyday living. Choose the design that works well for you and your tiny home.

12 Features of a Modern Style Bathroom

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We operate in different kinds of bathrooms in terms of set up. How you wish to build and decorate yours is totally a matter of personal preference. Modern style tiny bathroom today are however more preferred to the kinds that were used in olden days. There are several features that have come up that are expensive in terms of purchase but a relief in terms of the comfort one is looking for. Where there is a group of people looking forward to renovate their most visited places like the kitchen and living room for a greater ambience, others are more focused to having an entertaining place in their tiny bathroom area. Here are a few features of the modern style tiny bathroom.

A heated ceramic floor

The bathroom is the most difficult area to keep warm. This is mainly because you are constantly running water to either shower or clean the same place up. You will always feel a difference when done with a shower and move into your bedroom.  Heated ceramic floor makes a huge difference. It helps to keep temperatures regulated at all times and you can hardly tell the difference even after taking a long shower.

A dual flush toilet

Water is one thing that escalates your bill unbelievably especially due to the fact that you have to use the bathroom. To regulate this, a modern bathroom has brought the ability to build a dual flush toilet that helps to manage how you use your water. It is efficient in that you can control the amount of water you flush, depending on how you use your bathroom. This is mainly made possible for people who live in arears with warmer climate such as the Australia and some parts of the USA.

High gloss tiles

The bathroom is one of the most neglected areas in terms of renovation. Most people have the mentality that there’s little time spent in the bathroom leaving no interest at all for the need to renovate it a little. High gloss times give your bathroom a sense of shine and makes it have a great ambience feel. With high gloss tiles in your modern bathroom, you have more reason to spend more time in the shower due to the relaxation that comes with the good appearance of your bathroom.

Flush mount lighting

Flush mount lighting in your bathroom not only helps to create a different mood, it helps to bring a lot of relaxation and also makes the place presentable. The lighting comes with different designs and different colours and this also all boils down to your personal preference.

We all want to go into a house that is presentable and one that will give us a feeling of relaxation after an obvious hard day of work. The best way we can reward ourselves is to remember that as we renovate our house from time to time, the bathroom is also a place that needs to be given a priority especially in a tiny home. Allow yourself to create a good ambience in your modern style tiny bathroom and enjoy every single minute you spend in it.