Floating Beds (Types, Considerations & Benefits)

Floating beds are visually appealing, no doubt. The uniqueness of the floating bed comes from the fact that they are minimal but yet sophisticated and refined in their style. They have this light and fresh design that makes them a bit futuristic, which is very modern and sleek.

 A floating bed is a cool addition to your tiny house bedroom because it’s simple in its design and its innovative too, making it a good fit for any modern contemporary home. And the best of all it creates space and a feeling of openness in your tiny space.

The reason I would recommend floating beds for your tiny bedroom is because they add a creative spark to your bedroom. Its eye catching and will make your tiny bedroom stand out because of its contemporary fashion since it’s a modern interior design concept.

Another reason for having a floating bed in your tiny room is it creates space. Having a floating bed means there is enough space in your room for storage, since the bed is floating it automatically creates space around the bed. It will give the room a sense of openness. It will also give your tiny bedroom a modern feel, bringing your bedroom into the 21st century.

There are even advanced types of floating beds with LED lighting equipped in the bed frames. This gives the bed a very modern look.

Here are the different types of floating beds.

Floating platform bed

This type of floating bed features an inset frame which makes the mattress seem to be floating above the ground. This design is not only attractive and unique but it also saves a lot of space around your tiny bedroom. You can have storage drawers underneath the bed, where they are invisible as they hide under the bed. This bed will make your tiny bedroom seem bigger plus no hitting your toes on corner legs.

Classic floating bed

The classic floating bed has a bed frame that is similar to the floating platform bed; the difference is that the headboard of this bed is sophisticated and large enough for those who love to read in bed. Similar to the platform bed the classic bed is ideal for saving space in the bedroom. The legs are also set within the frame, which eliminates the risk of a tripping hazard within your tiny bedroom.

The Omni-pendulum motion floating bed

When referring to floating beds we can also refer to the Omni-pendulum bed which is actually floating. The rocking and floating of the bed is what is actually where the name comes from. It is quite smooth and will hold you perfectly when sitting or sleeping without toppling over. It sort of cradles you and gives you a calm and relaxed feeling.

It’s ideal for your tiny bedroom because it’s small in size and lightweight which makes it easy and convenient for your tiny bedroom. It also looks very presentable and attractive adding a decorative element to your bedroom space.

Not many people would prefer this type of floating bed because of its rocking motion.

Whichever type of floating bed you choose make sure you choose the one that fits into your tiny bedroom space. As we have seen they save on space and give your room a futuristic and very modern look.

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