Cherry Blossom Mural Wallpaper Inspirations

Tiny homes are becoming more of a trend for those who do not want to purchase a traditional style house but want the comfort and flexibility that come with a custom made home. Although the name tiny home can reflect any dwelling unit, the idea of micro-living is emphasized throughout the structure.

Living in a tiny home does not mean sacrificing on your personal style; you can design your tiny home to fit your own personality. The idea is to maximize on the available space and choosing designs that work well with the concept of tiny living.

There’s nothing like a dazzling pattern on the wall, to set the stage for a beautiful interior. The beauty of using cherry blossom wallpaper for your tiny home will instantly turn your living space into a spring one.

Wallpaper designers take inspiration from the branch like structure of the plant itself. Some wallpaper patterns are evenly decorated while others are created in a mural, as if one large tree or a cluster of a branch was dramatically decorating the space.

Let’s see how the beauty of cherry blossom wallpaper can be used to make your tiny house look stunning.

Cherry blossom for your living room

Wallpaper does not have to overpower the room that it graces. When working with small spaces you don’t want to overwhelm the small space, in this case when designing your tiny house living room using cherry blossom wallpaper make sure you have simple furniture like white sofa. The cherry blossom wallpaper will stand out and the room will not look overwhelmed.

A white background with cherry blossoms wallpaper is an ideal example to use for your compact living room. It will create depth and dimension to the room making your tiny living room appear bigger.

Cherry blossom for your bedroom

Cherry blossom wallpaper will be a great choice to create a soft calm feeling in your tiny house bedroom. The idea here is to choose a color that you like. You don’t have to decorate the whole bedroom with the wallpaper you can choose an accent wall where the headboard of the bed is. Then work out your bedding and pillows around the color you have chosen. I would suggest a combination of blue with cherry blossom wallpaper. This wallpaper will give your tiny bedroom space an irresistible look.

 Cherry blossoms for your bathroom

Wallpaper in a bathroom acts like artwork and gives the tiny space another dimension making it seem bigger than it actually is. The cherry blossom wallpaper in your tiny house bathroom compliments the mirrors echoing their decorative detail completing the look of the room. Cherry blossoms will refine your style and elevate your bath space to the next level.

Due to the moisture from the shower make sure you choose a type of wallpaper that is water resistant.

There’s power in the cherry blossom wallpaper its beauty in a home is irresistible. Cherry blossom wallpapers set a good mood in a home which brings out the feeling of spring where you are under a cluster of trees. Artists and designers try to bottle this feeling when making the cherry blossom wallpaper. So go ahead and get this awesome wallpaper for your tiny house.

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