Yellow aesthetic living room ideas

Yellow Aesthetic Living Room

The living room in many places and households tends to be the heart of the entire home. This is because it happens to be the place where 90% of the time is spend and it also is the place where every person coming from the outside will get to see. Once you have spent enough time in your house, you may want to make a few changes to your living room. Such changes may include the paint, the decor, the seats, the curtains and so on. It is all a personal preference so you have to ensure that whatever ideas you bring to the table will make the place exceptionally beautiful and habitable. A few workable ideas for a yellow aesthetic living room would include;

Pick the right colour

Yellow will definitely be the colour to choose for your aesthetic living room. Ensure that every other thing in the room gets to completely blend in with the paint on your walls. Yellow in most cases tends to stand in for the white paint because it brings in a blend of brightness both naturally and from the light illumining from the inside. Ensure that you do not choose a shade that is too dark especially if there is not enough natural light coming from the outside.

Use floating lights

While installing electricity in your home, choose floating lights for your living room. You can have the same pinned to a wall area that is not too occupied or have them hang in the window area. You will notice that the floating lights tend to make your living room look very beautiful and appealing and especially during the night. There are floating lights of different colours today so you could go with yellow lights to match with your living room.

Get décor that blends with the yellow colour

It would be extremely disappointing having the yellow theme for your aesthetic living room and still get decor that has a completely different shade. That makes your living room look confused and disorganized.

Include brightly coloured furniture

Your yellow aesthetic living room needs to be accompanied by furniture that is bright in colour. For example, choose white for your sofas and your coffee table. One thing with brightly coloured furniture is that even if your living room appears small, they automatically make the room feel bigger and comfier. It is also important that you make sure that your furniture does not use up too much of the living room space.

If you want to have a good looking yellow aesthetic living room, you may want to consider taking the implementation of your decisions slow. Ensure that you are first of all comfortable with the already installed colours of your living room. If not, choose the shades of yellow that will blend in completely with your kind of furniture. You need to remember that you are trying to bring a more appealing look than the one that was there before and definitely need to take it a little slow but sure.

Industrial style living room for tiny house

Industrial Style Living Room

Different styles have emerged over the years but it seems industrial style décor is here to stay. It’s no longer a necessity to design factory lofts into living spaces, now you can incorporate the industrial style décor themes to suit your personalized style and create an industrial style living room.

Having a tiny home doesn’t mean you can’t maximize on the small space. At the same time you can design your tiny house living room into a beautiful and stunning industrial design theme.

Industrial style usually consists of high ceilings, exposed and uneven walls flooring; nothing wood accent or tropical design. In a tiny house high ceilings will create a feeling of bigger space. An industrial style design in a living room creates a warm cozy ambiance that is essential in one’s living space. To spice it up you can add fluffy pillows, carpets and mismatched furniture.

Here are some options to inspire you:

The exposed look of pipes and duct

Having exposed metal pipes and ducts is primarily the most obvious way of incorporating industrial style into your tiny living room.

Exposed pipes and ducts can be an excellent choice for all white spaces similar to a Scandinavian style decor. The brightness of the walls, create a sharp contrast to the metal piping on the walls. This brings out a unique look. You can also add metal doors and metal on the walls for your industrial style design.

Choosing industrial style inspired furniture

Thanks to the popularity of the industrial style design. Manufacturers are now producing furniture with an industrial style appeal to them. You can choose a few simple pieces to add to your tiny living room. These will add the aesthetic feel you are trying to achieve in your living room.

Wrought iron chairs can be decorated using leather throw pillows and cushions. Having lighting fixtures with the same design concept works best to bring out industrial interior design to your living space.

Apart from using wrought iron you can also add furniture made from cast iron and copper. With the mix of unexpected materials in your living space you will be able to create a unique and beautiful living room.

Mix and match old elements with new elements

The beauty of having a modern industrial style design for your tiny house’s living room is the art of mixing contemporary style designs with older elements.

For example you can choose to display the TV on a shelf made of wrought iron, this mix and match look is a stylish way to decorate your living space using the industrial style design.

Hanging bold art work to contrast with a dull wall can also add accent to your tiny living space. Abstract painting can also brighten up a dull looking wall.

Small space doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with interior design. It can be a fun challenge to undertake. As we have discussed above use the different industrial styles to create an illusion of space and style to your tiny living room.

47 Scandinavian Style Living Room For Tiny House

Scandinavian Style Tiny Living Room

 A tiny house presents a wide range of decorating challenges that will require a designer to be creative especially in the use of the small space available. In doing so, you still have to consider a bright visual picture that is bright, cheerful and elegant to compensate for the lack of space.

Incorporating all these with a blend of simplicity, functionality and minimalism is what Scandinavian interior décor is all about. Scandinavian simplicity in a tiny house living room feels both inviting and spacious. Use of white backdrop in the living room is a clever way of creating a feeling of space which will make the tiny house living room seem bigger.

Scandinavian style living room ideas

Let us look at different ideas that you can use to decorate your tiny living room incorporating the Scandinavian design style.


Painting with varying colors of white and grey in your tiny house living room will make your tiny living room appear clean, simple and minimalist .Accent the trim ceiling and floor boards with paints of neutral colors. The contrast of white and neutral colors on the floors will create a good visual effect. This illusion often creates a look of more space in the tiny living room.

To add texture and color to your Scandinavian style living room interior, decorate your tiny living room couch with throw pillows and pillows that have simple geometric designs.

Wall to wall carpeting is not ideal choice for a Scandinavian style living room. The flooring is usually made from light hardwood material it can either be white in color or in its natural color. Laminated color flooring is also a stylish idea in a Scandinavian design interior. This type of flooring will make your tiny house living room appear brighter and spacious and at the same time creating an inviting atmosphere.

Think functionality and simplicity

Scandinavian interior design décor thrives in its simplicity and functionality. It is also characterized by its functional and innovative use of space. It’s common to see use of multi- level shelving in a Scandinavian style living room. This storage idea is a very stylish, innovative and functional way to go because it creates more storage space for your tiny living room.


Scandinavian style décor considers lighting as a light source, thus the manner in which lighting is used is very important. Lighting is used to set the mood in a Scandinavian style décor. Use a mix of modern lighting with a mix of industrial design like the pendant lighting to give your tiny living room a warm cozy feel. Candlelight and candelabras can also give your tiny room a romantic atmosphere.

Create an inviting space into your Scandinavian style tiny house living room by allowing natural light to stream in through the windows. You can achieve this by having large windows. Don’t use heavy curtains on the windows instead opt for sheer fabric.

Using the above simple ideas to inspire you, you should be able to create a stunning space that incorporates the beauty, simplicity and functionality of a Scandinavian style design for your tiny house living room.

45 Minimalist Style Tiny Living Room Ideas

Minimalist Tiny Living Room 9

The desire for a big living room is often very great but there are times that we experience the constraints of finances and even the space. What we are left with in situations like this is to use the little space we have maximum and ensure that we are having a great experience. Being minimalist means that it is less or little and it leaves you in the capacity to know how you will utilize the little that you have. In this case, we will look at ideas that we can put into action to ensure that a minimalist style small living room still feels big.

Use floating lights

There is no way that floating lights will use up any of your living room space. If you have been using any lights in your minimalist style tiny living room that are using up the floor space, you may consider changing the same and incorporating the floating ones. This way, the remaining floor space can be used for something more useful in your living room such as having your little coffee tables there.

Use bright curtains

The last thing a living room with minimal space would need is dark curtains. You are looking towards having a feel of more than enough space and good lighting is able to provide that. Whenever you are getting curtains, ensure they are bright in colour. They help to allow better lighting especially when combined with the natural lighting that comes from the outside.

Add living décor to your minimal room

A minimalist style tiny living room may feel like it has no space at all left to add to it. This is absolutely not true. What you need to do to ensure that you place feels like heaven is to begin adding living decorations to it. What you do in this case is to bring in plants planted in small pots that will not use up too much of your space. This way, you will provide the ambiance that is ideal not only for you but also for people who decide to visit.

Transform your space

You do not need an expert in interior design to transform your small living room for you. What you do in this case is to ensure that you are able to have the right arrangement in that little box space that you have. Put up decorative and bright paintings up on your wall and this will give a petrifying feel and look to the living room you feel has minimal space.

Find the perfect seat for your space

Consider the type of seat you purchase for your living room. It should in no way interfere with your space. What you need to ensure is that you get one that is narrow so that there will be enough space left for movement or for anything else you may want to add into the remaining space.

Minimal does not mean that you still cannot have make your small place a little piece of heaven. The only thing you may need to avoid is clutter. All else is allowed.

29 Contemporary Style Tiny Living Room Ideas

So Much Great Design By In This Tiny New Living Room Small Decor Ideas 2018

There is a bad feeling about having to live in a contemporary style tiny living room area that is disorganized and full of clutter. The last thing you would want to do is spend your time in such a place.

However, your room can still be as small as it is, the best place you would want to hang out either alone or with a pack of friends. All you need to do is style it smartly using different ideas that make it attractive and extremely comfortable.

Let enough light pour in

A dark room is always an uncomfortable room, unless of course you are taking a nap in your tiny bedroom. However, if your room is able to allow enough natural light through, do not block the same by fixing dark curtains to your window.

Keep the curtains bright as the light makes the room feel fresh and airy. Smaller windows should not limit you from choosing bright curtains that well blend with your theme. What is important is to remember that you need the light.

Play with scale

A small living room can be limiting in terms of what to have and what not to have. In such a case, what you will need to do is to ensure that you are able to utilize the space with what is needed and can bring a different feel.

For example, a chandelier in a small living room space still makes it a place you look forward to coming to after your day’s work and activities. Alternatively, get yourself bright and beautiful large paintings that you can fix to the wall. Those will not necessarily eat up too much of your space and add to the contemporary style tiny living room look that you want.

Keep the room cozy

You need to remember that your room is tiny and you should not struggle to keep your items far apart so it looks big. In fact, bring your seats closer together to ensure that all the space has been utilized and ensure that the rug you put on the floor is soft and massages the feet.

Think about your coffee table

Instead of buying an extremely large coffee table that ends up taking up all of your contemporary style tiny living room space, buy two small coffee table instead. You will realize that this will not hinder the free movement from one point to another. Another advantage that these provide is that you can still move them to a different area of your small living room easily.

Paint your walls white

Dark walls for a small living room can be very boring. White walls however enhance the brightness of your room regardless of what time of the day it is.

A small living room cannot limit you from having memorable moments. All you need to ensure is that when coming up with ideas, you will utilize the ones that come to solve the space problem instead of bringing in more frustration. Make your little space an experience of heaven.  

49 Modern Style Tiny Living Room Ideas

Contemporary Small Living Room Ideas Amazing Of Furniture Ideas For Small Living Rooms Contemporary Small Living Room Decorating Ideas Room Decor Small Modern Living Room Ideas Pinterest

In recent times, styling of the living room has changed from the traditional pattern to the modern style tiny living room decoration. This change is underscored by factors such as change in design taste, the need for simplicity, texture and the emphasis on space in small homes.

Unlike the antique ways of styling the living room which is characterized by stone fire place, mahogany paneled walls and other antique objects which overemphasize elegance, the modern style tiny living room sticks to achieving a sleek and cozy outlook. This is not to say that the traditional style is completely out of vogue.

Contemporary style of living room decoration entails simplicity, cool color texture, shapes and lines in sculptural designs, geometric designs and curve less furniture – giving it a sleek and appealing appearance. Now, in giving one’s tiny living room this modern outlook, one must give considerations to the following.

Color Selection

Starting from the color, it should be noted that white, neutrals and black are the major color as far as modern style of interior decoration is concerned. While white is applied to sculptured ceilings; black is basically used for the grounding; the walls are given a neutral fill.

However, if a bold and bright color is applied on the walls, neutral could be applied at other spots. To further beautify the walls, mild lightening effect should be provided. It could be spotlights on paintings or artwork just to serve as an eye attraction to it. Marble tiles, patterned rugs, wood or vinyl can be used for the flooring to achieve the modern style tiny living room finish.

It is all about the Lines

Another prominent element that must be considered is the line which majorly is reflected in the architectural designs. Brick walls provide good effect for the lines giving the small living room a cool fill. Sometimes, patterned painting styles can do the magic.

It also must be pointed out the idea that “less is more” is firmly found in modern style tiny living room design trend. This gives credence to the effect of space which reflects beauty in the aura of the tiny living room and subsequently could serve as spot for decorative objects.

Furniture must be uncluttered

The furniture must be uncluttered and kept simple such that it blends with the walls and floor in a stylish manner. Too much of carved edges and floral designs must be avoided. A mix of colorful blends of pillows should be supplied to aggrandize and provide colorful effects to the furniture. 

Other elements of design for the living room can include the use of decorative stones, clear or opaque glass designs, center rugs and artistic objects. Also, a touch of nature can be added to provide sleek effects to the modern style tiny living room look that you wanted.