Modern Bookshelf for Your Home

Modern Bookshelf

Having an amazing modern bookshelf in your home would need you to go beyond the normal. You need to stop using the shelves for books only and start thinking of ways in which you can make use of the same shelves. Once you have decided to do this, you will realize that the shelves are not just an item for storage using up too much space in your home, they also become an asset that makes the home look beautiful.

If you decided to use the shelves for books only, you will realize that the space will not be enough. You will need a lot of discipline to ensure that you do not use up space that may be used for something imperative for petty and unused stuff. A few ways that you can style your book shelf include;

Floor to ceiling shelving

The space of this kind of shelves will go up to the ceiling and even if it does not get there, at least it will be close enough to it. If you are living in a small house with small living room space, you will be benefited greatly by this kind of shelf. It occupies more space upward and is a great advantage in terms of space, especially when you are needing to declutter items that are no longer in use.

Box style shelving

These kinds of shelves help make adapting easy. They are here to stay and to offer even greater and better advantages. other than just providing the decorative appeal for the room in which they are used, they are a great source of space for a house that is running out of space. You can intentionally leave some of the shelves empty and use up the same to store items stored elsewhere that have run out of storage space.

Functional room dividers

These are standalone shelves which surprisingly are becoming a choice for most house owners. The advantages of these kind of shelves is that you are able to move them whenever you need to balance the natural light that comes from the outside. It would be an absolutely clever move to leave some of the shelves empty while you use the rest for your decorating items. If you are able to, you can also add some metallic finish. Anyone coming from the outside will definitely need to keep their focus on an item that gives the whole room a sense of appeal.

Smart lighting

This is an absolutely important thing to consider. How you arrange your shelves and what you place on them can play a major role in ensuring that your room is constantly well lit.

You can create a great outlook of your home if you are able to come up with the best shelve designs for your kind of living room. Ensure that the placement of each shelve increases the appeal of your home and makes it a place you would want to look at again and again.

Modern House Interior for your Consideration

Modern House Interior

We all want to live in a house with a bit or much of a modern touch. However, what makes it difficult to make the same pass is the fact that the modern house interior will leave us drained financially. Due to this, we may need to go a little slow on wanting to implement everything at the same time and go step by step. First, you will need to have a look at your house and see what it is you want to change. Is it the kitchen, bedroom or living room areas? Once you have settled on what you want with the areas you choose, come up with what would be evidently visible and one that will give your home a different feel every time you stepped in your door. A few of the ideas you can incorporate to give your home a great modern interior look include;

Combination of living room and dining room

Your modern house will not necessarily have enough room to have both the living and dining areas built separately. That does not mean that your house is exempted from modern interior decor, no. In fact, what you need to do is to consider having a theme that touches both areas and giving them a similar feel. For instance, if you have bright coloured sofas, maybe white, consider having the same for your dining set. This will help illumine a great brightness in your living room making the room feel bright whether it is during the day or at night.

Choose large windows

Most people who prefer the modern interior design would rather have the natural light other than the one coming from electricity. The natural light helps to keep the house well lighted and especially because the windows are very large. These large windows also help to give you a magnificent view from the inside of your house without having to go through any strain.

Choose the right paint for your walls

You want to have a house where you will be pleased to be in during the times you will be around. Colouring your walls dark takes away this pleasant feeling of relaxation. If you are lucky enough to have space for the large windows that allow a lot of the natural light, you may want to consider brightly painted walls that will complement the natural light greatly.

Work with your taste and preference

As you are making these minor or major changes in your home, let it be something that you contend with. You cannot put something in your home because you saw it in someone else’s house. Every installation done or any addition of material needs to give you a sense of satisfaction. Consider your favourite colours, your hobbies and things you love to work with and begin to make the changes without any haste.

If you are a person who understands what modern interior design is, you will find it very easy bringing a great change into your home. However, it is advisable that you seek assistance before implementing any changes and especially if you are not sure.

Cherry blossom wallpaper for your tiny home

Cherry Blossom Wallpaper

Tiny homes are becoming more of a trend for those who do not want to purchase a traditional style house but want the comfort and flexibility that come with a custom made home. Although the name tiny home can reflect any dwelling unit, the idea of micro-living is emphasized throughout the structure.

Living in a tiny home does not mean sacrificing on your personal style; you can design your tiny home to fit your own personality. The idea is to maximize on the available space and choosing designs that work well with the concept of tiny living.

There’s nothing like a dazzling pattern on the wall, to set the stage for a beautiful interior. The beauty of using cherry blossom wallpaper for your tiny home will instantly turn your living space into a spring one.

Wallpaper designers take inspiration from the branch like structure of the plant itself. Some wallpaper patterns are evenly decorated while others are created in a mural, as if one large tree or a cluster of a branch was dramatically decorating the space.

Let’s see how the beauty of cherry blossom wallpaper can be used to make your tiny house look stunning.

Cherry blossom for your living room

Wallpaper does not have to overpower the room that it graces. When working with small spaces you don’t want to overwhelm the small space, in this case when designing your tiny house living room using cherry blossom wallpaper make sure you have simple furniture like white sofa. The cherry blossom wallpaper will stand out and the room will not look overwhelmed.

A white background with cherry blossoms wallpaper is an ideal example to use for your compact living room. It will create depth and dimension to the room making your tiny living room appear bigger.

Cherry blossom for your bedroom

Cherry blossom wallpaper will be a great choice to create a soft calm feeling in your tiny house bedroom. The idea here is to choose a color that you like. You don’t have to decorate the whole bedroom with the wallpaper you can choose an accent wall where the headboard of the bed is. Then work out your bedding and pillows around the color you have chosen. I would suggest a combination of blue with cherry blossom wallpaper. This wallpaper will give your tiny bedroom space an irresistible look.

 Cherry blossoms for your bathroom

Wallpaper in a bathroom acts like artwork and gives the tiny space another dimension making it seem bigger than it actually is. The cherry blossom wallpaper in your tiny house bathroom compliments the mirrors echoing their decorative detail completing the look of the room. Cherry blossoms will refine your style and elevate your bath space to the next level.

Due to the moisture from the shower make sure you choose a type of wallpaper that is water resistant.

There’s power in the cherry blossom wallpaper its beauty in a home is irresistible. Cherry blossom wallpapers set a good mood in a home which brings out the feeling of spring where you are under a cluster of trees. Artists and designers try to bottle this feeling when making the cherry blossom wallpaper. So go ahead and get this awesome wallpaper for your tiny house.

Inflatable furniture for your tiny home

Inflatable Furniture

Inflatable furniture has always been associated with the outdoors. A good example is they were used in picnics, camping and beaches. But in recent times more and more people are adopting inflatable furniture in their homes.

Inflatable furniture is made of polyvinyl carbonate material which is strong and elastic. It’s due to this elasticity that the material can withstand all that pressure from within. They all have rubber push buttons that act as stoppers; it is opened to fill up air and closed to seal the air in. There is inflation pumps used to fill up air into the inflatable furniture.

You can buy inflatable furniture for your tiny home because there is a variety to choose from. They come in different colors and shapes so you are at liberty to choose the perfect fit that will fit your interior even if you are into tropical theme.

Why I would recommend using inflatable furniture for your tiny home is:

They are affordable

Compared to other types of furniture in the market, inflatable furniture is way cheaper In fact the rates are insanely lower compared to metallic and wooden furniture. An inflatable mattress costs around $30 compared to other normal mattress,, that is really cheap.


Inflatable furniture is portable. Just let the air out to get the size you want. You can also fold it and carry them anywhere you want making it more flexible to use. They are also easy to move them around your tiny home because they are not heavy.


They can be used for more than one use. For example an inflatable sofa can double up as a bed. You can also put them in different sizes and use them as you see fit. This is great for your tiny home as it will enable you to save on space. You can use inflatable furniture to de-clutter your tiny home you just store them and bring them out when needed.

No maintenance

Inflatable furniture needs minimal effort to maintain compared to other types of furniture. Spraying, polishing or waxing is not required. This saves you money, especially with polish which can be quite costly.


Inflatable furniture will be fun to use in your tiny home, especially, if you have children. They come in a variety of colors and shapes and are also bouncy.

With the excellent choice and variety of inflatable furniture to choose from making your home look trendy and modern has never been easier. Inflatable furniture is extremely versatile and can be stored away with ease. You can roll it up and store it when you need more space in your tiny home. It’s also a great choice because when you need extra furniture when guests are around you can use inflatable furniture that you had stored away. In addition you can benefit from the light-weight design of inflatable furniture.

Whichever rooms you want to put inflatable furniture you have a lot of option to choose from to suit your style. There is great value in inflatable furniture making it a popular option.

Reclaimed wood wall for your tiny home

Reclaimed Wood Wall

Reclaimed wood popularly known as antique wood or recycled wood is a lumber that’s been granted new life and is being used for a different purpose. This type of wood usually comes from old barns, boats, shipping crates, wine casks and other wooden structures that are no longer in use or have been demolished and is perfect to create your reclaimed wood wall feature.

Reclaimed wood comes in a variety of textures and sizes which means it’s easy to create your own special look and at the same time save some cash.

The use of reclaimed wood is not limited to floors only it can also be used in construction of walls to give your tiny home a unique appearance.

Some furniture makers and interior designers also look for salvaged wood from home projects. Reclaimed wood from barns, homes and commercial buildings, as well as reused items such as pallet are slowly entering the interior décor scene.

As design trends are slowly shifting to being more eco-friendly more home owners are favoring the use of reclaimed wood instead of virgin wood. They believe that this makes their homes more sustainable, efficient and more durable.

Below are the benefits of using reclaimed wood for your tiny home.


Using reclaimed wood for your tiny home wall saves the environment from cutting down more trees. Although trees are seen as a renewable source they are being cut faster than they can grow, this greatly affects forests. This recyclability factor of reclaimed wood is what makes it sustainable.


Compared to virgin wood, reclaimed wood is stronger. This attributes to the fact that reclaimed wood comes from old forests and the generations of trees we have today are not as strong as the old trees. That said reclaimed wood is harder it does not warp or shrink.


Reclaimed wood has a unique look to it. This is because you will never find two pieces that are exactly alike.  Using it to make the walls of your tiny home will also make your home have a unique look. The history behind it also makes it unique in a way.

When buying reclaimed wood for your tiny home walls there are also a number of things to do before beginning construction:

Check for bugs

Ask your supplier if the wood has been treated in any way either chemically or by kiln drying. Kiln drying will kill any bugs in the wood and will also remove any moisture from the material. If you suspect your reclaimed wood has bugs you will need to treat it with some insecticide of your own. You don’t want critters invading the inside of your tiny home.

Wet wood

Stay away from damp and soggy wood. Wet wood attracts insects and it could also cause the wood to have mold. Using reclaimed wood that is wet and moldy is not healthy to use in your tiny home.

Finding the right blend of reclaimed wood will allow you to create a unique home that will perfectly fit your lifestyle and personality.

Round bed for your tiny bedroom

Round Bed

Are you interested in adding glamour and a bit of excitement to your tiny bedroom? Then leave the world of quadratics and incorporate a round bed into your tiny bedroom. However, you will need to use your space smartly to create a satisfactory bedroom space.

Round beds are modern, trendy and come in different designs, colors and are made of different materials. Not only will they bring luxury to your tiny bedroom but with different mechanisms like lighting, rotation and storage space, you will feel the benefits of its convenience and functionality.

Stylish round beds are comfortable and durable. They come in a variety of colors and materials that can easily blend in with your tiny bedroom’s décor. Some of them can be folded into sofas which helps you save on space. You have the option of choosing any round frame you want an example being a round platform bed.

Depending with the kind of style you are aiming for in your tiny bedroom you should be careful with the type of materials you are choosing for your round bed. If you want to create a romantic atmosphere you should definitely use velvet. For a sophisticated and modern look then leather is the right choice for you. For a more classical ambiance then incorporate a wooden round bed into your tiny bedroom. To feel like royalty in your own tiny bedroom, I suggest you use silk and royal blue or silver color and you will sleep and feel like a king or queen.

Here are some suggestions of round beds you can choose from to incorporate into your tiny bedroom.

Leather round bed

The round bed is a perfect idea if you want to inject a dose modernism into your bedroom space. Add a little more elegance and sophistication by getting a white or creamy colored leather round bed.

Colorful round bed

For some pop of color in your bedroom get a round bed design that is colorful. It’s a good idea to create a stylish bedroom in your minimalist décor. Color such as tropical design brings happiness and that’s great for the bedroom space.

For the retro lovers

If you love the retro style then the round bed is a good choice in your tiny bedroom. You can upholster the round bed using the most common retro pattern or incorporating the most used retro colors like yellow, blue and brown. Also try adding some mirrors or musical instruments and you will definitely have the retro style.

Modern round bed

Round beds are a welcome decorative aspect in your tiny bedroom. By using black and golden tones not only will you add passion and modernity in your tiny bedroom but it will also create a romantic atmosphere filled with glamour and luxury.

The round beds are not a new decorating idea, but unfortunately only a few people are using them. It’s an intriguing approach you can use to spruce up your tiny bedroom. Be inspired with some of the ideas mentioned above. Blend them with your personality and create a little haven for yourself.

Tropical wallpaper for your tiny home

Tropical Wallpaper

Decorating your tiny house may be a challenge considering the amount of space available. You shouldn’t be discouraged at all with a little creative thinking you can come up with a trendy stylish looking home.

A lot being said on simplicity and minimalism for making small spaces appear larger than they really are, there is no reason for you not to inject a little bit of your personality in the choice of wallpaper for your tiny home décor. And if you are feeling adventurous and you love wallpapers with a bit more color then the tropical style wallpaper is perfect for you.

Tropical wallpaper adds both color and summer spirit to your home. There are a variety of tropical themed wallpapers with some of them having nature themed patterns. Tropical wallpapers with leafy motifs make a home feel full of life and trendy. Some are a bit more colorful than others and you can add them to any space to change the vibe and theme of any room in your tiny home.

Let us see how we can incorporate this beautiful wallpaper into different rooms in your tiny home.

Tropical wallpaper for your tiny house living room

Transform your living room into a tropical paradise with wallpaper that’s teeming with exotic plants. Using tropical wallpaper for your tiny home living room is a great way to vibe up the room without adding unnecessary décor and clutter. You don’t have to cover the whole living room with a tropical themed wallpaper choose an accent wall to decorate.

A good example of a tropical style wallpaper to use in your tiny home living room is wallpapers with a leafy backdrop. Big green leaves are a perfect way to add a tropical touch to the interior of your living room without changing too many other aspects of the space. From giant banana leaves to smaller leaves in a repetitive fashion this type of wallpaper creates an instant visual enhancement that’s bound to be irresistible.

 You can also choose wallpaper with a white backdrop for your room to feel light and airy, despite the vibrancy of the tropical themed pattern.

Tropical wallpaper for your bedroom

For your bedroom there is a variety of tropical styled wallpapers to choose from. From jungle themed bedrooms inspired by tropical holiday retreats, to bright and colorful themes that have a life of their own, choose what suits your personal taste and the ambiance of the room.

In the bedroom it is wise to choose wallpaper with tropical leaf motifs that will completely transform your bedroom to have tropical overtones. Keep the rest of the room neutral to pop out the green color in this tropical styled wallpaper.

Tropical wallpaper for your tiny house bathroom

The tropical themed wallpaper in the bathroom might feel overwhelming if not done right. Lighting is a key ingredient to get this wallpaper to come out right. The light in the tiny bathroom will help highlight the bold wallpaper making it look stunning.

It’s not really a must that you only go for the leafy patterns to add that tropical style in your home. You can have the allure of palm trees in the backdrop or if you prefer fun and playful patterns you can opt for wallpaper in yellow with pineapple prints. Whichever style you choose you are guaranteed of a tropical paradise in your home.

Velvet curtains for your tiny living room

Velvet Curtains

Tapestry forms a huge part of home interior décor: in fact tapestry in itself can set the theme for your overall décor. Curtains and drapes come in a variety of colors, sizes and length. The color and fabric of the type of curtains you choose can either make your décor look drab or it can blend with your interior décor making it look bold and stylish. Velvet curtains are a suitable choice when you want to achieve a rich yet warm look for your tiny living room.

Velvet curtain are sophisticated, regal and stylish and they hang flawlessly. The thick rich fabric limits cold therefore keeping your living room space warm especially during the winter. If done right velvet curtains will blend with almost any interior décor to achieve any design you like.

When hanging velvet curtains, the bigger and bolder, the better. Hang the velvet curtains high to achieve height, this will give your tiny living room an optical illusion of looking bigger than it actually is. And you will want to choose curtain rods that can balance the heavy curtains.

Cleaning velvet can be tricky especially if its dark colored it shows debris easy, so be prepared to brush often with a soft bristle brush or a velvet brush. Always brush in the direction of the pile.

Here are some stylish velvet ideas you can incorporate into your tiny living room.

A touch of blue velvet

When thinking of velvet you might consider shades of blue. Blue velvet can bring a sense of tranquility and a sophisticated kind of boldness to your tiny living room.

Dark velvet

Dark velvet curtains will create a mysterious yet elegant mood in your living space. Dark colors can be warm and cozy too.

To create a more sophisticated look with shades of dark velvet, mix with different fabrics such as linen on the table. For a more dramatic look the linen fabric should be of a different color from the velvet curtains.

Dark velvet shades are also great for making a room look well planned and organized.

Light colored velvet

Going for a subtle, elegant look for your tiny living room? Then a lighter shade of velvet is your ideal choice. Pale shades are also perfect for adding more light to a room because velvet blocks out most light whether natural or man-made.

For a modern and contemporary look you can pair up your light velvet drapes with sparkling crystal elements together with some metallic pieces on the wall.

Earth tones

Earth tones such as coffee brown for your velvet curtains are great for creating a rich earthy kind of décor. To make your tiny living room look more luxurious pair the earth toned velvet curtains with leather furnishings.

Thanks to velvet being inexpensive with a vast color palette to choose from this luxurious trend is an awesome choice for your tiny living room. Whether you like it modern contemporary or traditional velvet curtains will easily blend with your personal style and décor for your tiny living room.