Modern Bookshelf for Your Home

Modern Bookshelf

Having an amazing modern bookshelf in your home would need you to go beyond the normal. You need to stop using the shelves for books only and start thinking of ways in which you can make use of the same shelves. Once you have decided to do this, you will realize that the shelves are not just an item for storage using up too much space in your home, they also become an asset that makes the home look beautiful.

If you decided to use the shelves for books only, you will realize that the space will not be enough. You will need a lot of discipline to ensure that you do not use up space that may be used for something imperative for petty and unused stuff. A few ways that you can style your book shelf include;

Floor to ceiling shelving

The space of this kind of shelves will go up to the ceiling and even if it does not get there, at least it will be close enough to it. If you are living in a small house with small living room space, you will be benefited greatly by this kind of shelf. It occupies more space upward and is a great advantage in terms of space, especially when you are needing to declutter items that are no longer in use.

Box style shelving

These kinds of shelves help make adapting easy. They are here to stay and to offer even greater and better advantages. other than just providing the decorative appeal for the room in which they are used, they are a great source of space for a house that is running out of space. You can intentionally leave some of the shelves empty and use up the same to store items stored elsewhere that have run out of storage space.

Functional room dividers

These are standalone shelves which surprisingly are becoming a choice for most house owners. The advantages of these kind of shelves is that you are able to move them whenever you need to balance the natural light that comes from the outside. It would be an absolutely clever move to leave some of the shelves empty while you use the rest for your decorating items. If you are able to, you can also add some metallic finish. Anyone coming from the outside will definitely need to keep their focus on an item that gives the whole room a sense of appeal.

Smart lighting

This is an absolutely important thing to consider. How you arrange your shelves and what you place on them can play a major role in ensuring that your room is constantly well lit.

You can create a great outlook of your home if you are able to come up with the best shelve designs for your kind of living room. Ensure that the placement of each shelve increases the appeal of your home and makes it a place you would want to look at again and again.

Rustic Shelves for Your Home

Rustic Shelves

We all want to try every single thing we can to ensure that we have more than enough space for our homes. However, no matter how hard we tried, we will not really achieve this. There will always be a need for more and more stuff and space will keep getting limited. As a result of this, you may need to include rustic shelves in your home if only for the purpose of storage.

This may be a decision that will certainly not apply to all but the fact that space is needed will still result to the installation of the shelves. These will not just serve for the space. How you install them will also serve to add great decor in your already furnished home as you continue to do the renovations. There are several ways you can install the rustic shelves for use and these include;

Using reclaimed wood for the shelves

You do not have to dump all the unused wood once building has been done. Creating space using wood is an activity that will not need you to call an expert. What happens is that you will need to use the right material to strongly pin these shelves to the wall to ensure that they are strong enough to hold the weight of whatever it is you will place on them.

Create floating rusting shelves

If you are wondering how floating rustic shelves can help you, they have more work than just store up items when you have run out of space. If these shelves are placed at a place where there is enough lighting, they will bring more of the decorative feature and not the storage feature. Ensure that you have them either evenly placed or ensure that you place them using a pattern that is unique and very appealing.

Use honeycomb shelves

If you are looking for storage space that will store up a lot of stuff for you, then the honeycomb shelf is what you need to go for. While it may not be too appealing in terms of colour, it certainly helps you with your worry for storage. It can store items needed for different uses.

Use empty corners

Rustic shelves can be best placed in the empty corners of your home. You can place shelves of different sizes and designs. This will help you take care of the storage space that has run out and keep the bare spaces caused by the empty corners.

While you may be wondering how exactly you can take care of the space issue that may have in your small house, you can actually do these things of shelve installation on your own. It is an advantage and especially because It helps you save on a lot of money and also allows you learn how to renovate your house without necessarily having to call an expert to do it. If the same process teds to prove difficult, you can learn through online tutorials and still perfect the art.

Skim Coat Walls Guide

Skim Coat Walls

You may have just moved in into your new tiny house and realize that the walls are not as appealing as you would have wanted them to be. An appealing wall is not just about the color of the paint on it, it also needs to have a coat that makes it feel extremely smooth in texture. Without this, you will either get to notice surfaces of roughness or areas that did not get completely finished as the house was being built. In case you are going through this, you may need a do it yourself exercise that involves a few steps. This is the skim coating of your wall. The steps involved in it include;

Prep your walls

Here, you will need a mud pan to mix the mud. The mixture is done a step at a time to aid in the skim coating. This step will not necessarily fill any holes that may be in the wall and it may need to be done right and a few times. The mixture needs to be thick so that once you start coating the walls, it will cover all the dents and unnecessary areas you will need to keep covered. Ensure that as you coat, you are only skimming the needed areas. Spreading this into unwanted surfaces of your wall may leave stains.

Apply the first skim coat after the mixture

Ensure that as you are applying the first skim coat, your knife is placed at a 30 degrees’ angle. Immediately you are done, you need to again go back and skim any excess mud that may be on the wall. This helps to give the consistency of the soft surface that you are hoping to achieve. It will also help to get rid of any lumps that may dry up on the surface if not worked on immediately.

Apply the second skim, this time to coat

The same technique you applied on the first coat here will apply. The only difference will be the movement of the knife. If your first skimming was done horizontally, you do it vertically this time. This is to help give a levelling to the surface and also contributes to the smooth feeling you want to achieve on the same surface.

You may need to remember that the soft surface will not be achieved by two rounds of skimming. There may be a second and a third of the same activity. As you do so, get rid of any dust using a dump cloth.

Once you are done with the skim coating on your wall, you may need to allow it to dry. Allow it dry completely before you can begin to sand. Sanding is the final step to taking away any excess mud that may be on the already skimmed wall. Once this is completely done and all the dust on the surface has been removed, you can now paint your wall with the paint colour of your choice.  The only extra ordinary thing about skimming is that it will need a lot of your time but this still makes it a do it yourself exercise.

10 Dapper DIY Tricks To Remodel Your Tiny Home

Tiny Home DIY Craft

As you live the ‘tiny way’, your little house becomes the core of your heart. It matters a lot to maintain your small space properly and showcase in every way possible how much your “mini-home” means to you.

Do you have an artistic side which you want to put into action to make your small home more special? All you need is some craft material, reusable old stuff from your basement and loads of love and creativity. Implementing some DIY methods will create a stronger bond between you and your tiny home.

Doing such a creative task with your partner can ignite some good romantic moments too. If you have kids too, making some inventive stuff together will become a memorable time and your toddlers will learn some new things.

Take a look at some easy breezy DIY ways of improving your tiny home. You can make a variety of decorating items in a matter of a few hours.

1.     Create a bright setting with some Teacup candles

We possess many old teacups which we hardly use. You can use these teacups by melting some wax in them and can even use scented wax for scented candles. You can use vintage or quirky cup designs as per the décor of your home. Place these “teacup candles” in your living room or bedrooms or have a nice candle light dinner once in a while. But be cautious of the risk of fire while using them inside your home.

2.     Easy to hang Photo clipboards for your walls

You may have few clipboards lying with or your kids. Use these writing pads and clipboards to clip your favorite images, magazine issues, and newspaper clippings.

It is an antique idea and quite convenient to make and use. Using a nail hang it evenly on the wall and you can decorate it with paint, stickers and craft papers.

3.     Bring out the sculptor in you

Using clay and POP, you can make some small statues and figures. Clay modeling is an interesting task to do with a lot of fun elements, especially for your munchkins. Make some cute faux birds or animals or some pots. Paint them with shiny paints and add some glitters and stickers too. Tada! In a few hours, you have some self-made clay figures ready.

4.     The easiest shelf to make on your own

Whether a square or a hexagon shaped shelf, it one of the easiest and prettiest pieces of furniture you can make. Whenever you indulge in a sweet delight like an ice cream candy or a Popsicle, collect those wooden sticks that come along. These wooden sticks can be joined together to make a shelf. Paint this shelf with some shiny brown color and keep some decorative things on it.

5.     Cute circular corkboards

Cork boards are easily available but the same dull design is not what you always like. Cut cork boards in medium sized circles and hang them above your work desk or kitchen. Paint their bordering surface with some bright colors to suit the room settings of your tiny home. It is perfect for putting up to-do lists, reminder notes or cute messages for your partner.

6.     Some fun with Shells and Driftwoods

Many times we go to the beach for a nice sunbath while traveling. If you love to collect those small shells and driftwoods from the beach, here is another nice artwork you can create. Using some brown ropes tie the small driftwoods together to a longer piece of driftwood. You can use shells and small feathers too for adding more spice to it. Paint the driftwoods with nice patterns and colors. When you complete it hang it on the wall inside your living room and enjoy the nature-inspired look.

7.     Add some greens to your surrounding

Bring to your tiny space some small air plants to add a tint of freshness. Paint the small clay pots with acrylic paints. You can use geometric patterns or petite polka dots for designing the pots. Relish the company of these little plants on your study table, kitchen table or the side table in the living area of your tiny home.

8.     Brighten your life with decorative floral lights

We all love to decorate our rooms with a series of lights especially if you have some festivals like Christmas ringing soon. All you need are some colorful cupcake liners and a string of Christmas tree lights. Cut the cupcake liners into the shape of flowers and leaves with a scissor and make a small hole in the middle of each flower for the small bulb. Stick them to the back of the light with glue or tape.

9.     Colorful Floor Cushion

If you are well versed in the art of stitching another cool tip is to make some floor cushions for your home. Most of you have old clothes or fabrics with different patterns and colors. Cut different strips of colorful fabric and sew them with two large circular fabrics. Fill them up with pillow filling and a nice floor cushion is ready for your comfort.

10.  Some Leafy art

Another way to adorn your wall is this unique frame. This DIY project is made using the leaves fallen from the trees that you will find around your home. This fall, collect some leaves and color them with gold or silver spray paint. Stick these after they dry up to a hard paper piece and frame it. Simple and sober it looks great for your walls.

In summary

Doing some creative things adds luster to your life especially in a small space where you can use your free time to brainstorm and make some embellishments taking inspirations from the tactics above.