Bunk Beds With Stairs

Creativity is essential when trying to design the interior of your tiny house. Trying to incorporate the kitchen, living room and bedroom into a space that averages 300 sq. feet is tricky. You have to come up with ideas that maximize on space and still play the role of simple and functional.

For your bedroom instead of having the normal beds which take up a lot of space, you can choose to have bunk beds with stairs in your tiny home; or even round bed. Bunk beds make the most of genuinely tiny spaces as well as add storage and provide cool ways to inject style into your tiny home.

Here are different types of bunk beds to choose from.

Triple decker bunk bed

Triple decker bunk beds features three twin beds on top of each other. Though they are uncommon, there is still a wide range of triple bunk beds in the market to suit both adults and children.

When choosing this type of bunk bed you will have to consider the height specifications for your tiny home. It’s an ideal choice because other than saving on space you have three beds all in one, awesome right?

Horizontal fold out bunk bed

The horizontal fold out bunk bed is ideal for your tiny home because it uses less space. It folds out from the wall lengthwise rather than from the top down.

Sofa bunk bed

A creative way to save space in your tiny home is having a sofa bunk bed. You have the alternative of using it as a seat during the daytime and at night it transforms into a bed. This saves you a lot of space.

Standard loft bunk bed

You can build a bed that goes over a part of your tiny home the space below can be used for storage. This is another creative way maximizing on available space in your tiny home as you will require all the floor space available. Many loft bunk beds have built in storage space beneath the top bunk

Twin over full bunk bed

 A twin over full type of bunk bed is a twin bed on the top bunk with a full double bunk bed on the lower bunk. This type of bunk bed takes up the same amount of space as a double bed the twin bed on top makes your tiny house bedroom appear visually larger.

Futon bunk bed

A futon bunk bed is almost like a standard bunk bed but not entirely. The difference in these two types of bunk beds is that instead of a second mattress in the lower bunk, there is a futon. The futon on the lower level can act as futon sofa or can also be transformed into a bed when need be.

With the many different types of bunk beds to choose from you can be spoilt for choice. I would suggest you choose something that will work well in your tiny home as well as saving on space.  Creativity and style is also important to make sure that the type of bunk bed you choose is a stunning addition to your tiny home.

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