Modern Bookshelf Ideas For Your Home

Modern Bookshelf

Having an amazing modern bookshelf in your home would need you to go beyond the normal. You need to stop using the shelves for books only and start thinking of ways in which you can make use of the same shelves. Once you have decided to do this, you will realize that the shelves are not just an item for storage using up too much space in your home, they also become an asset that makes the home look beautiful.

If you decided to use the shelves for books only, you will realize that the space will not be enough. You will need a lot of discipline to ensure that you do not use up space that may be used for something imperative for petty and unused stuff. A few ways that you can style your book shelf include;

Floor to ceiling shelving

The space of this kind of shelves will go up to the ceiling and even if it does not get there, at least it will be close enough to it. If you are living in a small house with small living room space, you will be benefited greatly by this kind of shelf. It occupies more space upward and is a great advantage in terms of space, especially when you are needing to declutter items that are no longer in use.

Box style shelving

These kinds of shelves help make adapting easy. They are here to stay and to offer even greater and better advantages. other than just providing the decorative appeal for the room in which they are used, they are a great source of space for a house that is running out of space. You can intentionally leave some of the shelves empty and use up the same to store items stored elsewhere that have run out of storage space.

Functional room dividers

These are standalone shelves which surprisingly are becoming a choice for most house owners. The advantages of these kind of shelves is that you are able to move them whenever you need to balance the natural light that comes from the outside. It would be an absolutely clever move to leave some of the shelves empty while you use the rest for your decorating items. If you are able to, you can also add some metallic finish. Anyone coming from the outside will definitely need to keep their focus on an item that gives the whole room a sense of appeal.

Smart lighting

This is an absolutely important thing to consider. How you arrange your shelves and what you place on them can play a major role in ensuring that your room is constantly well lit.

You can create a great outlook of your home if you are able to come up with the best shelve designs for your kind of living room. Ensure that the placement of each shelve increases the appeal of your home and makes it a place you would want to look at again and again.

Modern House Interior Inspiration

Modern House Interior

We all want to live in a house with a bit or much of a modern touch. However, what makes it difficult to make the same pass is the fact that the modern house interior will leave us drained financially. Due to this, we may need to go a little slow on wanting to implement everything at the same time and go step by step. First, you will need to have a look at your house and see what it is you want to change. Is it the kitchen, bedroom or living room areas? Once you have settled on what you want with the areas you choose, come up with what would be evidently visible and one that will give your home a different feel every time you stepped in your door. A few of the ideas you can incorporate to give your home a great modern interior look include;

Combination of living room and dining room

Your modern house will not necessarily have enough room to have both the living and dining areas built separately. That does not mean that your house is exempted from modern interior decor, no. In fact, what you need to do is to consider having a theme that touches both areas and giving them a similar feel. For instance, if you have bright coloured sofas, maybe white, consider having the same for your dining set. This will help illumine a great brightness in your living room making the room feel bright whether it is during the day or at night.

Choose large windows

Most people who prefer the modern interior design would rather have the natural light other than the one coming from electricity. The natural light helps to keep the house well lighted and especially because the windows are very large. These large windows also help to give you a magnificent view from the inside of your house without having to go through any strain.

Choose the right paint for your walls

You want to have a house where you will be pleased to be in during the times you will be around. Colouring your walls dark takes away this pleasant feeling of relaxation. If you are lucky enough to have space for the large windows that allow a lot of the natural light, you may want to consider brightly painted walls that will complement the natural light greatly.

Work with your taste and preference

As you are making these minor or major changes in your home, let it be something that you contend with. You cannot put something in your home because you saw it in someone else’s house. Every installation done or any addition of material needs to give you a sense of satisfaction. Consider your favourite colours, your hobbies and things you love to work with and begin to make the changes without any haste.

If you are a person who understands what modern interior design is, you will find it very easy bringing a great change into your home. However, it is advisable that you seek assistance before implementing any changes and especially if you are not sure.

Rustic Shelves for Your Interior

Rustic Shelves

Rustic shelves are great at providing additional storage while giving a subtle modern touch to their surrounding.

This may be a decision that will certainly not apply to all but the fact that space is needed will still result in the installation of the shelves. These will not just serve the space. How you install them will also serve to add great decor to your already furnished home as you continue to do the renovations. There are several ways you can install the rustic shelves for use and these include;

Rustic shelves made from reclaimed wood

Making shelves from reclaimed wood is an easy way to avoid wasting any unused wood from your woodworking projects. The best part? You can do it yourself, without the need for a professional woodworker. Additionally, reclaimed wood shelves add a subtle rustic touch to your home, while providing more space to display whatever it is you wish to place on them.

Create floating rusting shelves

Rustic floating shelves should be placed where there is enough lighting. This brings forward mainly their decorative features, rather than their actual use as a storage space. Ensure that you have them either evenly placed or ensure that you place them using a pattern that is unique and very appealing.

Use honeycomb shelves

Honeycomb shelves offer a modern take on wall shelving spaces, with 5 shelves cleverly integrated into an elegant honeycomb design. The glass shelves are held in place by 3 connected gold-colored iron hexagons. Above all, honeycomb shelves give your home a contemporary style.

Where to place your rustic shelves

Rustic shelves can be best placed in the empty corners of your home. You can place shelves of different sizes and designs. This will help you take care of the storage space that has run out and keep the bare spaces caused by the empty corners.

While you may be wondering how exactly you can take care of the space issue that may have in your small house, you can actually do these things of shelve installation on your own. It is an advantage and especially because It helps you save on a lot of money and also allows you to learn how to renovate your house without necessarily having to call an expert to do it. If the same process teds to prove difficult, you can learn through online tutorials and still perfect the art.

How to Skim Coat a Wall (DIY)

Skim Coat Walls

You may have just moved in into your new tiny house and realize that the walls are not as appealing as you would have wanted them to be. An appealing wall is not just about the color of the paint on it, it also needs to have a coat that makes it feel extremely smooth in texture. Without this, you will either get to notice surfaces of roughness or areas that did not get completely finished as the house was being built. In case you are going through this, you may need a do it yourself exercise that involves a few steps. This is the skim coating of your wall. The steps involved in it include;

Prep your walls

Here, you will need a mud pan to mix the mud. The mixture is done a step at a time to aid in the skim coating. This step will not necessarily fill any holes that may be in the wall and it may need to be done right and a few times. The mixture needs to be thick so that once you start coating the walls, it will cover all the dents and unnecessary areas you will need to keep covered. Ensure that as you coat, you are only skimming the needed areas. Spreading this into unwanted surfaces of your wall may leave stains.

Apply the first skim coat after the mixture

Ensure that as you are applying the first skim coat, your knife is placed at a 30 degrees’ angle. Immediately you are done, you need to again go back and skim any excess mud that may be on the wall. This helps to give the consistency of the soft surface that you are hoping to achieve. It will also help to get rid of any lumps that may dry up on the surface if not worked on immediately.

Apply the second skim, this time to coat

The same technique you applied on the first coat here will apply. The only difference will be the movement of the knife. If your first skimming was done horizontally, you do it vertically this time. This is to help give a levelling to the surface and also contributes to the smooth feeling you want to achieve on the same surface.

You may need to remember that the soft surface will not be achieved by two rounds of skimming. There may be a second and a third of the same activity. As you do so, get rid of any dust using a dump cloth.

Once you are done with the skim coating on your wall, you may need to allow it to dry. Allow it dry completely before you can begin to sand. Sanding is the final step to taking away any excess mud that may be on the already skimmed wall. Once this is completely done and all the dust on the surface has been removed, you can now paint your wall with the paint colour of your choice.  The only extra ordinary thing about skimming is that it will need a lot of your time but this still makes it a do it yourself exercise.

Yellow Living Room Ideas

Yellow Aesthetic Living Room

The living room in many places and households tends to be the heart of the entire home. This is because it happens to be the place where 90% of the time is spend and it also is the place where every person coming from the outside will get to see. Once you have spent enough time in your house, you may want to make a few changes to your living room. Such changes may include the paint, the decor, the seats, the curtains and so on. It is all a personal preference so you have to ensure that whatever ideas you bring to the table will make the place exceptionally beautiful and habitable. A few workable ideas for a yellow aesthetic living room would include;

Pick the right colour

Yellow will definitely be the colour to choose for your aesthetic living room. Ensure that every other thing in the room gets to completely blend in with the paint on your walls. Yellow in most cases tends to stand in for the white paint because it brings in a blend of brightness both naturally and from the light illumining from the inside. Ensure that you do not choose a shade that is too dark especially if there is not enough natural light coming from the outside.

Use floating lights

While installing electricity in your home, choose floating lights for your living room. You can have the same pinned to a wall area that is not too occupied or have them hang in the window area. You will notice that the floating lights tend to make your living room look very beautiful and appealing and especially during the night. There are floating lights of different colours today so you could go with yellow lights to match with your living room.

Get décor that blends with the yellow colour

It would be extremely disappointing having the yellow theme for your aesthetic living room and still get decor that has a completely different shade. That makes your living room look confused and disorganized.

Include brightly coloured furniture

Your yellow aesthetic living room needs to be accompanied by furniture that is bright in colour. For example, choose white for your sofas and your coffee table. One thing with brightly coloured furniture is that even if your living room appears small, they automatically make the room feel bigger and comfier. It is also important that you make sure that your furniture does not use up too much of the living room space.

If you want to have a good looking yellow aesthetic living room, you may want to consider taking the implementation of your decisions slow. Ensure that you are first of all comfortable with the already installed colours of your living room. If not, choose the shades of yellow that will blend in completely with your kind of furniture. You need to remember that you are trying to bring a more appealing look than the one that was there before and definitely need to take it a little slow but sure.

Best Indoor Hammocks for 2021

Indoor Hammock

Hammocks can make a wonderful addition to your tiny home backyard. With the different variety of indoor hammocks available in the market today, you don’t need trees to anchor them and they can match the look of your tiny home from rustic to incredibly modern.

Some people believe that sleeping in hammocks can be life changing and even beneficial to your health

Improve sleep quality. A study done by WEBMD showed how participants napped in a traditional bed compared to how they napped to a bed mimicking a hammock. The gentle rocking motion in the latter caused people to fall asleep faster. This means that people who sleep in hammocks fall asleep faster and for longer periods. Sounds good right?

Relieve stress. The swaying motion of the hammock leads to relaxation and an increased ability to forget the world around them. Less stress leads to other health benefits like improves your blood pressure and betters your concentration and increase emotional stability

Let us look at the types of hammocks available that you can choose from, for your tiny house backyard.

Types of hammocks available

Think about how you want to use your indoor hammock then decide on which one to buy.

Fabric hammocks

Fabric hammocks come in a variety of patterns and colors. You can either choose a color and pattern that blends in with your tiny home backyard or choose one which adds some color contrast. They are one of the most durable options available and will also be warmer than others.

Rope hammocks

Rope hammocks are best used in hot climate or for those who prefer the airiness provided by the spaces in between. They are usually made from cotton or polyester. However if you take long naps you wouldn’t want to use this type of hammock because you will end up with rope marks on your back.

The camping hammock

Camping hammocks are lightweight and portable because it’s designed mostly to be carried and used by campers. But you can install this in your tiny backyard. They have weather covers and mosquito nets ideal for the outdoors.

Hammock chairs and swings

Hammock chairs and swings are designed to keep you in a sitting position while still cradling you. You can install this in your tiny backyard side by side for sitting and chatting with family or friends, while enjoying a view or just simply enjoying each other’s company.

Double hammocks

As the name suggests, double hammocks can take up to two people in them. They are also suitable for people who might just prefer the extra space they provide. Some claim that the extra space provides more comfort than a normal single hammock.

Your tiny home backyard is there for you for comfort and relaxation. While a table and chair maybe sufficient to sit and relax outside in your backyard, sometimes a spot to just lay back and relax is necessary. After all who wouldn’t enjoy being rocked to sleep outside in the natural breeze?

Floating Beds (Types, Considerations & Benefits)

Floating Bed

Floating beds are visually appealing, no doubt. The uniqueness of the floating bed comes from the fact that they are minimal but yet sophisticated and refined in their style. They have this light and fresh design that makes them a bit futuristic, which is very modern and sleek.

 A floating bed is a cool addition to your tiny house bedroom because it’s simple in its design and its innovative too, making it a good fit for any modern contemporary home. And the best of all it creates space and a feeling of openness in your tiny space.

The reason I would recommend floating beds for your tiny bedroom is because they add a creative spark to your bedroom. Its eye catching and will make your tiny bedroom stand out because of its contemporary fashion since it’s a modern interior design concept.

Another reason for having a floating bed in your tiny room is it creates space. Having a floating bed means there is enough space in your room for storage, since the bed is floating it automatically creates space around the bed. It will give the room a sense of openness. It will also give your tiny bedroom a modern feel, bringing your bedroom into the 21st century.

There are even advanced types of floating beds with LED lighting equipped in the bed frames. This gives the bed a very modern look.

Here are the different types of floating beds.

Floating platform bed

This type of floating bed features an inset frame which makes the mattress seem to be floating above the ground. This design is not only attractive and unique but it also saves a lot of space around your tiny bedroom. You can have storage drawers underneath the bed, where they are invisible as they hide under the bed. This bed will make your tiny bedroom seem bigger plus no hitting your toes on corner legs.

Classic floating bed

The classic floating bed has a bed frame that is similar to the floating platform bed; the difference is that the headboard of this bed is sophisticated and large enough for those who love to read in bed. Similar to the platform bed the classic bed is ideal for saving space in the bedroom. The legs are also set within the frame, which eliminates the risk of a tripping hazard within your tiny bedroom.

The Omni-pendulum motion floating bed

When referring to floating beds we can also refer to the Omni-pendulum bed which is actually floating. The rocking and floating of the bed is what is actually where the name comes from. It is quite smooth and will hold you perfectly when sitting or sleeping without toppling over. It sort of cradles you and gives you a calm and relaxed feeling.

It’s ideal for your tiny bedroom because it’s small in size and lightweight which makes it easy and convenient for your tiny bedroom. It also looks very presentable and attractive adding a decorative element to your bedroom space.

Not many people would prefer this type of floating bed because of its rocking motion.

Whichever type of floating bed you choose make sure you choose the one that fits into your tiny bedroom space. As we have seen they save on space and give your room a futuristic and very modern look.

Industrial Style Backyard Ideas

Industrial Style Backyard

Most people are now embracing the tiny home concept. They are happily settling in tiny homes as a lifestyle change. Although many tiny home structures measure less than 300 sq. feet, you can still design them into stylish and innovative homes. Some tiny homes are set up on backyards. Making the interior décor of your tiny home industrial style based, you can still incorporate some industrial style ideas into your tiny house backyard. It sounds challenging because industrial style design wasn’t usually applied to the outdoor setting.

The industrial home design is usually applied to old renovated buildings which were used for other purposes other than living residences. Such as warehouses, factories and other commercial uses, the possibility of having a lot of outdoor space was not as high as with other interior décor styles. But with a bit of creativity we can come up with outdoor industrial designs

I have done my best to come up with outdoor industrial designs best suited for tiny houses. These ideas will serve you good if you are looking for some ideas or inspiration for your tiny house backyard.

Metal in industrial styled backyards

The industrial style has its roots from the age of machinery and factories in the past. The beauty of the recovered metal pieces speaks volumes about the relationship between form and function.

The reason this style pieces can work in a backyard is because they contribute an unexpected element. When placing these metal items in your backyard keep in mind they have to form a relationship with the outside space. They must beautifully combine with rock and plant.

You can also consider the possibility of metal sculptures to create an unusual interest in your backyard for your tiny house.

Gabion walls in industrial styled backyard

You can design gabion walls which are metal walls filled with stones and even pieces of colored recycled glass. This interesting and stylish way of using the metal cage and gabion walls to design your backyard creates a high contrast illusion to your tiny house backyard.

Industrial style furniture for your backyard

When choosing your backyard furniture it’s essential that you put into consideration how you use your tiny house backyard. Do you host visitors or do you prefer to sit outside and bask in the sun.

When choosing backyard furniture pick items that are durable and well built without compromising on comfort and style. Your furniture should also be able to withstand the elements. Choices include wood and metal.

Industrial style wood furniture is a classic, natural choice that will compliment your backyard. Choose a wood type and color that harmonizes with your outside space. It doesn’t mean an exact match but having enough similarities to create the right illusion and texture.

Industrial style metal furniture is the most versatile of all materials for backyard furniture. Mix wrought iron pieces together with modern pieces to create a unique style. Wrought iron has a beautiful industrial style look suitable for the backyard. Furniture made from wrought iron is heavy and makes it more appropriate for benches and tables. Use anti rust treatment on your furniture to maintain them.

With the different ideas mentioned you can design your tiny backyard space into a stylish and elegant industrial style design that will create interest and make a statement.

Cherry Blossom Mural Wallpaper Inspirations

Cherry Blossom Wallpaper

Tiny homes are becoming more of a trend for those who do not want to purchase a traditional style house but want the comfort and flexibility that come with a custom made home. Although the name tiny home can reflect any dwelling unit, the idea of micro-living is emphasized throughout the structure.

Living in a tiny home does not mean sacrificing on your personal style; you can design your tiny home to fit your own personality. The idea is to maximize on the available space and choosing designs that work well with the concept of tiny living.

There’s nothing like a dazzling pattern on the wall, to set the stage for a beautiful interior. The beauty of using cherry blossom wallpaper for your tiny home will instantly turn your living space into a spring one.

Wallpaper designers take inspiration from the branch like structure of the plant itself. Some wallpaper patterns are evenly decorated while others are created in a mural, as if one large tree or a cluster of a branch was dramatically decorating the space.

Let’s see how the beauty of cherry blossom wallpaper can be used to make your tiny house look stunning.

Cherry blossom for your living room

Wallpaper does not have to overpower the room that it graces. When working with small spaces you don’t want to overwhelm the small space, in this case when designing your tiny house living room using cherry blossom wallpaper make sure you have simple furniture like white sofa. The cherry blossom wallpaper will stand out and the room will not look overwhelmed.

A white background with cherry blossoms wallpaper is an ideal example to use for your compact living room. It will create depth and dimension to the room making your tiny living room appear bigger.

Cherry blossom for your bedroom

Cherry blossom wallpaper will be a great choice to create a soft calm feeling in your tiny house bedroom. The idea here is to choose a color that you like. You don’t have to decorate the whole bedroom with the wallpaper you can choose an accent wall where the headboard of the bed is. Then work out your bedding and pillows around the color you have chosen. I would suggest a combination of blue with cherry blossom wallpaper. This wallpaper will give your tiny bedroom space an irresistible look.

 Cherry blossoms for your bathroom

Wallpaper in a bathroom acts like artwork and gives the tiny space another dimension making it seem bigger than it actually is. The cherry blossom wallpaper in your tiny house bathroom compliments the mirrors echoing their decorative detail completing the look of the room. Cherry blossoms will refine your style and elevate your bath space to the next level.

Due to the moisture from the shower make sure you choose a type of wallpaper that is water resistant.

There’s power in the cherry blossom wallpaper its beauty in a home is irresistible. Cherry blossom wallpapers set a good mood in a home which brings out the feeling of spring where you are under a cluster of trees. Artists and designers try to bottle this feeling when making the cherry blossom wallpaper. So go ahead and get this awesome wallpaper for your tiny house.

Bunk Beds With Stairs

Bunk Bed With Stairs

Creativity is essential when trying to design the interior of your tiny house. Trying to incorporate the kitchen, living room and bedroom into a space that averages 300 sq. feet is tricky. You have to come up with ideas that maximize on space and still play the role of simple and functional.

For your bedroom instead of having the normal beds which take up a lot of space, you can choose to have bunk beds with stairs in your tiny home; or even round bed. Bunk beds make the most of genuinely tiny spaces as well as add storage and provide cool ways to inject style into your tiny home.

Here are different types of bunk beds to choose from.

Triple decker bunk bed

Triple decker bunk beds features three twin beds on top of each other. Though they are uncommon, there is still a wide range of triple bunk beds in the market to suit both adults and children.

When choosing this type of bunk bed you will have to consider the height specifications for your tiny home. It’s an ideal choice because other than saving on space you have three beds all in one, awesome right?

Horizontal fold out bunk bed

The horizontal fold out bunk bed is ideal for your tiny home because it uses less space. It folds out from the wall lengthwise rather than from the top down.

Sofa bunk bed

A creative way to save space in your tiny home is having a sofa bunk bed. You have the alternative of using it as a seat during the daytime and at night it transforms into a bed. This saves you a lot of space.

Standard loft bunk bed

You can build a bed that goes over a part of your tiny home the space below can be used for storage. This is another creative way maximizing on available space in your tiny home as you will require all the floor space available. Many loft bunk beds have built in storage space beneath the top bunk

Twin over full bunk bed

 A twin over full type of bunk bed is a twin bed on the top bunk with a full double bunk bed on the lower bunk. This type of bunk bed takes up the same amount of space as a double bed the twin bed on top makes your tiny house bedroom appear visually larger.

Futon bunk bed

A futon bunk bed is almost like a standard bunk bed but not entirely. The difference in these two types of bunk beds is that instead of a second mattress in the lower bunk, there is a futon. The futon on the lower level can act as futon sofa or can also be transformed into a bed when need be.

With the many different types of bunk beds to choose from you can be spoilt for choice. I would suggest you choose something that will work well in your tiny home as well as saving on space.  Creativity and style is also important to make sure that the type of bunk bed you choose is a stunning addition to your tiny home.

Industrial Style Bathroom Inspiration

Industrial Style Bathroom

Tiny homes have to make ample use of space which also includes the bathroom. A tiny house bathroom has to make room for a toilet, a shower/bath and a sink. In some designs some people build the kitchen sink to double up as a bathroom sink too. This is a clever way of using and maximizing space and perfect for industrial style bathroom.

Despite the tiny size of a tiny house bathroom they can be beautifully designed and also be functional. Use of industrial style ideas into your tiny house bathroom will create a unique feel. You can combine different industrial overtones to create unique combinations. Have different variations incorporated into different themes and inject a touch of your personality. Who said that you can’t have comfort and style in your tiny bathroom?

Below are some inspiration ideas for tiny house bathrooms

 Mix brick and white

Though having a limited amount of space to work with combining a mix of brick wall and white color will create an aesthetic industrial feel to your tiny bathroom. Carefully placed brick walls will give the bathroom a timeless appeal. The use of white for the walls can also accentuate the tiny bathroom and make it appear larger than it really is.

By having the toilet and shower in the narrow space, you can manage not to feel overwhelmed by the tiny space. You can still achieve the industrial style design with the brick wall acting as a backdrop.

Using wood shelves

You can make use of the narrow space by creating industrial style wooden shelves above the toilet. The wooden shelves can have a trim of iron along the edges. The use of both wood and iron will create a wood accent which will make the tiny bathroom feel both homey and rustic. If you manage to fix a bathtub in, you can have the edges of the bathtub decorated with wooden fixtures using reclaimed wood.

A wooden floor with a natural looking finish can also be incorporated into the tiny bathroom. This classic combination of contemporary and industrial style décor will make your bathroom look unique and stylish.

Use classic Industrial elements.

You can use concrete to create the shower area in a tiny bathroom. This smart and stylish way produces a feeling of complete comfort in your tiny bathroom. Grout can be used on the tiles with the same shade as the concrete, to accentuate the visual appeal of the tiny bathroom. An exposed brick wall as a backdrop will act well to finish this industrial style setting.

Use natural materials.

The use of natural vintage material in a tiny bathroom provides an industrial style finish. The appearance of natural exposed uneven walls and flooring works very well with tiny bathrooms. Not only is it unique and stylish it’s also trendy and unpretentious.

Your tiny bathroom style doesn’t have to be dull and boring. With the above listed styles for industrial design your bathroom can achieve the aesthetic look of an industrial style design.  


Industrial Style Bedroom Ideas

Industrial Style Bedroom

An industrial style bedroom for a tiny house is a raw and edgy choice for anyone who loves authenticity. Industrial style design has gained popularity in recent years and we can incorporate this stylish, unpretentious and trendy style into your tiny bedroom. It’s a blessing in disguise to have a smaller space. Even if it sounds hard to design it’s not entirely impossible. The idea is to maximize on every bit of space.

For your bedroom you can choose a humble vintage look or better still a sleek and stylish look.

Some industrial style ideas for your bedroom in a tiny house are:

Metallic Magic

Having exposed pipes and ducts makes up for industrial style design and this is no exception even in the bedroom. To acquire the right results, the pipes and ducts are carefully integrated into the bedroom to match the theme of the whole room. Added with a round bed and it will look awesome.

You don’t have to entirely rely on the exposed pipes and ducts look to achieve an industrial style design in your bedroom. You can also opt to use oxidized copper panels or stylish metallic tiles which have ornate patterns. These can be used to shape the room. With the right side tables and décor one can make use of the minimalist space available to truly shape and create a stunning bedroom.

Use of scrap metal sub dividers can also help accentuate the industrial vibe of the bedroom.

Brick walls

Exposed brick walls are another major way of using the industrial style décor. You can choose to leave the walls just as they are or paint them. Remember to leave the room looking and feeling as natural as possible to bring out its unique, authentic style.

Achieve an overall look that is soft and cozier for the bedroom. The overall texture of the bedroom will visually soften the appearance of the room. For this you can put in a low slung platform bed with comfortable sheets that have no frills. This type of décor makes your room appear more natural, simple and uncluttered.


Use colors that will create more space visually in the tiny bedroom. Using light colors will make a room look bigger. You can combine neutral raw look with bare brick wall against a black accent wall to create an illusion of depth and dimension. If plain brick walls don’t work well for you try experimenting with a bold alternative, maybe even wood accent wall.

With the color grey also being a common choice for industrial style décor over the years. The choices available for you are endless. You can choose to reinvent or re-interpret the industrial style and incorporate it with other different themes to design your tiny bedroom.

Designing an industrial style bedroom for a tiny house seems hard because of the small space but it’s not impossible. Trying to design a small space also means you will have less clutter. With smart thinking you can utilize each and every bit of space available, using the design ideas listed above.