Best Indoor Hammocks for 2021

Hammocks can make a wonderful addition to your tiny home backyard. With the different variety of indoor hammocks available in the market today, you don’t need trees to anchor them and they can match the look of your tiny home from rustic to incredibly modern.

Some people believe that sleeping in hammocks can be life changing and even beneficial to your health

Improve sleep quality. A study done by WEBMD showed how participants napped in a traditional bed compared to how they napped to a bed mimicking a hammock. The gentle rocking motion in the latter caused people to fall asleep faster. This means that people who sleep in hammocks fall asleep faster and for longer periods. Sounds good right?

Relieve stress. The swaying motion of the hammock leads to relaxation and an increased ability to forget the world around them. Less stress leads to other health benefits like improves your blood pressure and betters your concentration and increase emotional stability

Let us look at the types of hammocks available that you can choose from, for your tiny house backyard.

Types of hammocks available

Think about how you want to use your indoor hammock then decide on which one to buy.

Fabric hammocks

Fabric hammocks come in a variety of patterns and colors. You can either choose a color and pattern that blends in with your tiny home backyard or choose one which adds some color contrast. They are one of the most durable options available and will also be warmer than others.

Rope hammocks

Rope hammocks are best used in hot climate or for those who prefer the airiness provided by the spaces in between. They are usually made from cotton or polyester. However if you take long naps you wouldn’t want to use this type of hammock because you will end up with rope marks on your back.

The camping hammock

Camping hammocks are lightweight and portable because it’s designed mostly to be carried and used by campers. But you can install this in your tiny backyard. They have weather covers and mosquito nets ideal for the outdoors.

Hammock chairs and swings

Hammock chairs and swings are designed to keep you in a sitting position while still cradling you. You can install this in your tiny backyard side by side for sitting and chatting with family or friends, while enjoying a view or just simply enjoying each other’s company.

Double hammocks

As the name suggests, double hammocks can take up to two people in them. They are also suitable for people who might just prefer the extra space they provide. Some claim that the extra space provides more comfort than a normal single hammock.

Your tiny home backyard is there for you for comfort and relaxation. While a table and chair maybe sufficient to sit and relax outside in your backyard, sometimes a spot to just lay back and relax is necessary. After all who wouldn’t enjoy being rocked to sleep outside in the natural breeze?

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