65 Minimalist Style Backyard Ideas

For most people, the yard has moved from a place where you just plant trees and plants and admire from the inside to a place where you want to spend time alone with friends or with family even if it is a minimalist style tiny backyard.

Due to these changes, a small yard can feel limiting. if you have little space, you tend to feel like you cannot add anything besides the plants and trees you already have to improve your ambiance. However, there are a few things you can do, without having to have anything extra to your small yard.

Have a few big pots filled with plants

Instead of using up all the space planting different plants, look for big pots that you can plant big pots and put as many plants in them as possible. You will realize that with this, you can still manage the beautiful looking you planning for your yard with just a few pots.

Remember, the few pots are holding more than enough plants but using up very little space in your yard. There is therefore more space left to have anything else you may want added and it gives you the minimalist style tiny backyard look.

Divide your space

You may want to take a slight pause before incorporating all of your ideas in the very small space you have left. What you need to do is to come up with a plan of what you want and where you would want it placed.

You may need to sit and divide up the remaining space in your yard and see how much of it will be needed for whatever you will want to place in it. Do not just go placing everything anywhere. You may realize in doing this that you will have unnecessary stuff in your very tiny backyard and this will give you another task which you could have avoided.

Use mirrors on the walls of your yard

If you have big enough walls on your yard, you may install one large mirror or a few mirrors that are properly placed. What this does for your small yard is that it reflects the beautiful plants you have as well as the beautiful trees. There can be no better feeling. Mirrors also tend to make a place feel like it has so much space left for use because of the power they have to reflect. Plus having some mirror will provide the minimalist style tiny backyard that you always wanted.

Plant trees that grow upwards

As you plant your trees, keep it in mind that you will need to leave some space for anything that may come up in the future. Therefore, ensure that the trees you decide to plant grow upward to a certain height and that they can be trimmed from time to time. The only space that such trees tend to use up is the upward space which you obviously do not need.

Make your little yard a place that you can spend time in. You can plant grass in a little space where you can lie down and just relax. If you decide to have a pool, you can still do that but have it in such a way that it is a narrow pool and not a wide one to still maximize on the little space.

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