55 Scandinavian Style Bathroom Ideas

Since the 1950s Scandinavian style design has slowly gained popularity as a design choice among homeowners. Scandinavian style tiny bathroom design is simplicity, functionality and minimalism. These are the key factors you need to consider when designing your tiny bathroom.

To create a stylish beautiful Scandinavian style tiny bathroom for your tiny home, blend all your bathroom accessories to achieve a unique overall look. The best thing with the Scandinavian style tiny bathroom is that you can design it to suit your personal style. You can create a unique look by incorporating different styles with the Scandinavian style but be careful not to overwhelm the simplicity and functionality of the Scandinavian style in your tiny house bathroom.

Below are some ideas to inspire you when designing your Scandinavian style tiny bathroom.

Minimalist design

Minimalist design in your tiny bathroom is the most recognizable feature in a Scandinavian style bathroom. The clean lines, simple but functional layout and smooth edge are the three things important for every minimalist bathroom design.

A simple way to achieve this look in your Scandinavian tiny bathroom is to design a white bathroom together with its fittings and fixtures. The color white will be appealing to the eye and will create a visual illusion of more space.

Calm and neutral color tones

White, cream and grey are popular colors associated with the Scandinavian design style. Incorporating these colors into your tiny house bathroom will create a calm and muted feel.

Another idea you could experiment with is to use a small splash of bold colors. An awesome way to achieve this addition of color to your tiny house bathroom is through the accessories you choose. Clever color coordinated bathroom mats and towels can make a beautiful show of your unique personal style especially in contrast to the calm and muted backdrop of a Scandinavian style bathroom

Natural light

Scandinavian styled bathrooms make the most of natural light. Winter in Scandinavia was harsh, dull and gloomy in contrast to the dark outside they created a bright inside to make the most of every last ray of sunshine.

Large windows, large mirrors and reflective surfaces will reflect off natural light making the tiny bathroom space seem big

Natural lighting in your tiny house bathroom will make the tiny bathroom space feel bigger and brighter. White walls will emphasize the available light streaming in through the windows and the minimal use of window treatments will allow natural light to illuminate the tiny bathroom space. Examples of window treatments best used on the window are curtains made of sheer fabric.  Its light material doesn’t block light from streaming in through the windows.

Scandinavian style décor has made an impact on how we approach design. Its emphasis on form and functionality works well when designing your tiny house bathroom. The simple ideas highlighted are an ingenious way to maximize on the narrow space  that make up a tiny house bathroom. You can also mix the Scandinavian design style with your personal unique style to bring out a stunning looking bathroom.


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