53 Modern Style Kitchen Ideas

Most homeowners today are opting to have modern style tiny kitchen integrated into their small space homes. It not only adds class and elegance to your tiny home, a modern style kitchen will also increase the value of your house. With the different stylish designs to choose from, you can have your own personalized design. Whether you want cool and contemporary or warm and homely designs, there is a variety of ideas to suit your personal style.

A modern style tiny kitchen can be made to fit most spaces. Ideas and trends to look out for are pull out pantry, handle less cabinets, integrated appliances such as cooker, dish washer and fridges. You can also have large windows to have that fresh feeling of sunlight streaming in. A pop of color also can be infused into your modern style tiny kitchen.

Here are a few ideas that can inspire you when you are designing your new modern style tiny kitchen.

An all-white color scheme

Having an all-white color scheme makes your tiny kitchen stand out and have the feel of a tidy look. To break the monotony of the color white you can also add a few bits of grey on the counters.

Matt and sleek cabinets

A matt sleek contemporary cabinetry transforms your tiny kitchen into a perfect modern style tiny kitchen. It creates a lavish state of the art space. If you are going for the sophisticated, contemporary look then this is your ideal choice.

Maximize on natural lighting

Light has the capacity to make space look brighter and bigger. When you maximize on natural light in the kitchen it will give your kitchen the look of a wider space to use. This functions well especially if you are used to entertaining. Build bigger windows to have more light into your small space kitchen and if you have a garden you can have built in sliding doors that open up into the garden.

Incorporate a social spot

As we mentioned earlier the kitchen may function as an entertainment spot. You can create an island with bar stools surrounding the kitchen counter. This not only works well when you are having guests over but you can also catch up with family as you prepare your lunch or dinner.

Making the most of a smaller kitchen

Don’t be discouraged if you are working with a smaller kitchen. Almost all modern style designs can be integrated into small spaces. You can work with the open kitchen plan paired with the sleek cabinetry with mirrored designs to create a feeling of bigger space.

Work with natural materials too

Working with wood in your kitchen can be a good addition to your modern style tiny kitchen – even for your tiny bathroom. If you are going for the in depth look then dark colored wood works very well. You can also opt for brightly colored wood for a pop of color.

Modern style tiny kitchen décor are here to stay. Sophisticated and modern they blend the different styles incorporated into everyday living. Choose the design that works well for you and your tiny home.

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