47 Scandinavian Style Living Room

 A tiny house presents a wide range of decorating challenges that will require a designer to be creative especially in the use of the small space available. In doing so, you still have to consider a bright visual picture that is bright, cheerful and elegant to compensate for the lack of space.

Incorporating all these with a blend of simplicity, functionality and minimalism is what Scandinavian interior décor is all about. Scandinavian simplicity in a tiny house living room feels both inviting and spacious. Use of white backdrop in the living room is a clever way of creating a feeling of space which will make the tiny house living room seem bigger.

Scandinavian style living room ideas

Let us look at different ideas that you can use to decorate your tiny living room incorporating the Scandinavian design style.


Painting with varying colors of white and grey in your tiny house living room will make your tiny living room appear clean, simple and minimalist .Accent the trim ceiling and floor boards with paints of neutral colors. The contrast of white and neutral colors on the floors will create a good visual effect. This illusion often creates a look of more space in the tiny living room.

To add texture and color to your Scandinavian style living room interior, decorate your tiny living room couch with throw pillows and pillows that have simple geometric designs.

Wall to wall carpeting is not ideal choice for a Scandinavian style living room. The flooring is usually made from light hardwood material it can either be white in color or in its natural color. Laminated color flooring is also a stylish idea in a Scandinavian design interior. This type of flooring will make your tiny house living room appear brighter and spacious and at the same time creating an inviting atmosphere.

Think functionality and simplicity

Scandinavian interior design décor thrives in its simplicity and functionality. It is also characterized by its functional and innovative use of space. It’s common to see use of multi- level shelving in a Scandinavian style living room. This storage idea is a very stylish, innovative and functional way to go because it creates more storage space for your tiny living room.


Scandinavian style décor considers lighting as a light source, thus the manner in which lighting is used is very important. Lighting is used to set the mood in a Scandinavian style décor. Use a mix of modern lighting with a mix of industrial design like the pendant lighting to give your tiny living room a warm cozy feel. Candlelight and candelabras can also give your tiny room a romantic atmosphere.

Create an inviting space into your Scandinavian style tiny house living room by allowing natural light to stream in through the windows. You can achieve this by having large windows. Don’t use heavy curtains on the windows instead opt for sheer fabric.

Using the above simple ideas to inspire you, you should be able to create a stunning space that incorporates the beauty, simplicity and functionality of a Scandinavian style design for your tiny house living room.

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