47 Contemporary Style Bedroom Ideas

One may not necessarily feel the need to have a big bedroom space and especially if you are a person living alone. Another reason is the fact that very little time is spent in the bedroom and this makes you very comfortable with a contemporary style tiny bedroom.

However, there are others that have very tiny bedrooms and opt to look for houses that have a big space for their bedroom. This may not be necessary. All you need is a variety of workable ideas that will make you have a feel of a spacious bedroom that you are desperately looking for.

Paint your bedroom floor

One way to ensure that your bedroom feels spacious is to ensure that it is well lit. A dark bedroom will not only feel small, it will feel congested and stuffy, even when it is not. With a small room, you can paint the floor. If you however do not fancy a painted floor, consider putting a little color on the floor boards to give the room that feel of largeness. This will also gives you the contemporary style tiny bedroom look that you are looking for.

Keep everything in the wall neutral

When looking for bedroom design curtains, do not look for heavy material that will make your room feel stacked with items. Instead, get curtains that are bright to keep the room bright. The brighter the room’s ambience, the bigger it will continue to feel. Light curtains also contribute greatly in ensuring that your tiny room remains well aerated preventing the feel of stuffiness.

Use large mirrors

When installing a mirror in your small bedroom, ensure that it is an extremely large one. For a small room, this will not only make it feel spacious, it is also a great way to increase the glam of your room and create the contemporary style that you want.

Use vertical stripes

Just like in fashion, the same rule will apply to interior decor. Instead of using horizontal stripes that well appear short given the size of the room, the vertical lines will make the room look as if it has long walls making it feel large. You may also use vertical stripes for your beddings to make you feel like you are sleeping on a large bed in a big and spacious room.

Suspend your nightstand

It is very possible to run out of room in your contemporary style tiny bedroom and especially the floor room. In such cases, what you will need to do is to suspend some of the items from the ceiling down. This works very well for your nightstand and it does not in any way interfere with your space.

Allow all the natural light

Just as we had mentioned initially, natural light in a small room helps to create the big space feeling as well as making the small room feel well aerated. If your room does not have the panoramic windows, ensure that the wall windows are always allowed to let in as much natural light as possible.

To make your small bedroom feel big, you need to be creative and incorporate ideas that can work well for you.

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