39 Contemporary Style Backyard Ideas

Inner city homesteads are best known to have some of the smallest yards. Some residents of these places may feel like the space is too limiting for them. While some may decide to relocate, others may decide to come up with ideas that may help them utilize the little space that they have in their yards. Some of these contemporary style tiny backyard ideas include below.

Trimming the trees

The kind of trees you decide to plant in your small yard may determine just how much space you will have. There are trees that tend to have a lot of width and as they continue to grow, they will take up all the space. What you need to do in this case is to grow trees that shoot upwards. These will still ensure that fresh air is circulating freely in your yard.

What you will need to do with these trees from time to time is to ensure that you are trimming them. Choosing the right tree will create the contemporary style tiny backyard look you are looking for.

Consider side gardening

If you intend to plant anything in your backyard, consider planting all of them on one side. When you do this, you make sure to leave the centre open. While this is creating room in your yard, you will realize that there will be a lot of activity that you can do in that small space you choose to leave. This may include picnics, small games and even family gatherings.

Use white color

Just like indoors, using white color in your yard gives it a feeling of space. The white color can be used for furniture and the walls. This will ensure that every moment you spend there feels bright as the place is well lit and well aerated. It will also help to create the contemporary style tiny backyard decor that you want.

Include a grassy nook

Your yard should not only be limited to planting stuff and having your seats there. In fact, you should go ahead to create a small section where you can plant a little grass that you can relax on. Seats can be tiring. You need a place where you can freely lie down and relax your muscle.

Incorporate plant contouring

Before you plant anything in your yard, you have to look at the much space you have. Some plants tend to grow really quickly and if they are planted in bulk, they may use up all the space in your yard. To avoid this, grow plants that have the right shapes and colour to create a good ambience for you and anyone who decides to visit your yard.

Use a narrow pool

Big pools are not limits to big yards only. Design your pool in a way that it is narrow but lengthy to ensure that it does not take up too much of your contemporary style tiny backyard. The main reason of having a yard is to have a place to relax outside the house. A swimming pool is a great essential for relaxation.

Ensure to have the greatest ideas in mind for your yard and do not rush into any of them. One thing you need to have in mind is that you have small space and not everything you will want in your yard will fir.

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