35 Contemporary Style Bathroom Ideas

There are so many items for bathroom use that we need to keep in the bathroom but with a small space, it tends to become extremely limiting. Due to this, we often find ourselves looking for more available space in other rooms such as the bedroom when we try to create a contemporary style tiny bathroom.

A few challenges that are experienced with a tiny bathroom include having little room to take a shower, stuffiness especially when you have to hung all your wet clothes leaving no room for fresh air, and an assignment left for you on where to have all your bathroom towels. A few ideas can be incorporated to ensure that regardless of the space, you can still overcome these little challenges.

Put the sink in the corner

Having your bathroom sink in the middle only helps to increase traffic rather than reduce it. Due to this reason, as you think of having a sink installation in your contemporary style tiny bathroom, consider having it in the corner. You will realize that it does not disrupt the opening and closing if the door and you do not have to keep moving across your little bathroom to access the sink service.

Consider a shower curtain

What you have in mind is how best to create enough room in your bathroom that appears very small. Instead of having a shower door that may reduce more than enough space when closing and opening the same, consider a shower curtain that only moves back and forth without using up any needed space.

Mount the vanity wall

Smaller items are mainly the ones that have no space for their storage. Mounting the vanity and raising it slightly higher from the bathroom floor helps to create more than enough room for these small items. The space is actually enough to ensure that you do not have items needed in the bathroom outside the room.

Round the vanity

It is actually very possible to round the vanity of your contemporary style tiny bathroom. Other than just utilizing the little space that is left for movement, it helps to reduce hip injuries that are usually caused by a square vanity. A rounded one instead looks like it used up just a small portion of your bathroom leaving no worry for the amount of the space that is left and how to use it up.

Extend the counter over the toilet

The counter also works just above the toilet space. Instead of creating room for where to install it, do a little adjusting of your space and just extend it forward. This will allow you use the same multi purposely. You can place some items such as the soaps on the same counter, toothbrush and paste and still use the same counter for cleaning.

There is absolutely no challenge experienced with a little space if you have the best and workable ideas. If these are constantly a challenge, an experienced constructor can assist you in the design and also letting you know what part of the small bathroom needs to be in which area. This way, you will not have to complain about little space.

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