33 Contemporary Style Kitchen Ideas

We are not all blessed to have luxurious large kitchen diners. Most large kitchens would have space for an Island, large cookers and ovens and large fridges. These will definitely not fir into a small kitchen space as it will leave you gasping both for breath and space, making the movement in there very uncomfortable.

Even with all these going on, it is possible to overlook the small kitchen space and come up with ideas that will make you feel like your kitchen still has more than enough space. Before implementing the ideas, have an idea of what you will need in your contemporary style tiny kitchen and where you will want to have everything placed.

Consider using compact containers

In case you are wondering how you can store food stuffs in your small kitchen without interfering with the space, consider using compact containers. The way you store them in the kitchen helps leave room for other items. This is because you can place some over others and they are also easily portable from one point to another.

Consider moving your washing machine

Given the model or the use of your washing machine, your mind probably tells you that having it in the kitchen is an absolute good idea. However, many people have had them stored in or just close to their bathrooms.

If you are running out of kitchen space and very sure that the space would help a great deal, you may consider moving your washing machine elsewhere. There is no negative effect or implication in moving your washing machine to create space for your small kitchen.

Utilize every unused space in every corner

Bear in mind that you have a small space in your kitchen and ensure that there is no wasted space. Such spaces may include the shelves, the space under the sink and spaces where you place your kitchen electronics.

If any of your kitchen items that need to be stored there are lacking space, utilize these unused spaces to ensure all things are kept there. A good arrangement will ensure that the kitchen does not look unkempt and squeezed with stuff. Alternatively, you can shift the items that you use occasionally to create room for the ones that you will need to use every other day.

Clear any clutter in your small kitchen

Wall cabinets in a contemporary style tiny kitchen are not necessary. All they do is use up the space. An ideal way for storing stuff in your kitchen is ensuring that the storage is done in open shelves. The advantage of the shelves is not just creating space but also bring about an airy feel, depending on what you decide to put on them.

The only way to create space in a small kitchen is mainly to get rid of what you do not need. There are often times that we have items that we have not used in years and these create a lot of clutter. Once you make the decision to move them and shift those that are not in much use, you can have enough space to store and also to move around.

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