29 Contemporary Style Living Room Ideas

There is a bad feeling about having to live in a contemporary style tiny living room area that is disorganized and full of clutter. The last thing you would want to do is spend your time in such a place.

However, your room can still be as small as it is, the best place you would want to hang out either alone or with a pack of friends. All you need to do is style it smartly using different ideas that make it attractive and extremely comfortable.

Let enough light pour in

A dark room is always an uncomfortable room, unless of course you are taking a nap in your tiny bedroom. However, if your room is able to allow enough natural light through, do not block the same by fixing dark curtains to your window.

Keep the curtains bright as the light makes the room feel fresh and airy. Smaller windows should not limit you from choosing bright curtains that well blend with your theme. What is important is to remember that you need the light.

Play with scale

A small living room can be limiting in terms of what to have and what not to have. In such a case, what you will need to do is to ensure that you are able to utilize the space with what is needed and can bring a different feel.

For example, a chandelier in a small living room space still makes it a place you look forward to coming to after your day’s work and activities. Alternatively, get yourself bright and beautiful large paintings that you can fix to the wall. Those will not necessarily eat up too much of your space and add to the contemporary style tiny living room look that you want.

Keep the room cozy

You need to remember that your room is tiny and you should not struggle to keep your items far apart so it looks big. In fact, bring your seats closer together to ensure that all the space has been utilized and ensure that the rug you put on the floor is soft and massages the feet.

Think about your coffee table

Instead of buying an extremely large coffee table that ends up taking up all of your contemporary style tiny living room space, buy two small coffee table instead. You will realize that this will not hinder the free movement from one point to another. Another advantage that these provide is that you can still move them to a different area of your small living room easily.

Paint your walls white

Dark walls for a small living room can be very boring. White walls however enhance the brightness of your room regardless of what time of the day it is.

A small living room cannot limit you from having memorable moments. All you need to ensure is that when coming up with ideas, you will utilize the ones that come to solve the space problem instead of bringing in more frustration. Make your little space an experience of heaven.  

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